Doctor Who : The 9th Doctor Regenerates 9th doctor regeneration quote "doctor who" 10th doctor regeneration quote I found the 11th doctor

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chris # 6 марта 2012 в 17:21 0
This video title needs to be changed...turns out...Eccelston was the 10th Doctor. Spoilers to those who haven't seen "The Name of The Doctor" thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/show­biz/tv/4921644/doctor-who-50th­-anniversary-special-spoilers.­html
thebboyj # 7 марта 2012 в 13:23 0
Some of the last words Nine said to rose were "I'm not going to see you again. Not like this." Some of the last words Rose said to Ten were "Will I ever see you again?"I justUgh
skuz1c # 8 марта 2012 в 16:19 0
As far as the ninth doctor goes, I never really felt the same way about him as David Tennant, as he was the first doctor I saw (started watching in the middle), but this regeneration is beautiful. He is an amazing actor, and the reason that David and Matt were able to play as the Doctor, because if he didn't act good, the show wouldn't have gone on.
jessica # 10 марта 2012 в 04:26 0
gees how many doctors are there? mightas well watch from beginging!
haypoopn # 13 марта 2012 в 15:56 0
11 so far
32lpsluv # 15 марта 2012 в 12:40 0
He was my favorite doctor
cyberdoo # 17 марта 2012 в 11:54 0
9, you were fantastic
torchwoo # 19 марта 2012 в 12:09 0
(Uploader Speaking)Putting out a warning here- be very careful about what you have written in this comment section- not for me but for everyone else here who comes across it and reads it.No doubt you will have read what "SherlockedJohnlock" had to say in his comment and has obviously created a lot of backlash replies.This is a 50 year old show, everyone's of course entitled to an opinion and freedom of speech, but take on board what's happened and what's been said ok?Lots of Love for Series 1 :)
dalekmas # 25 марта 2012 в 00:10 0
9th was my personal favourite doctor. then again, 10th was pretty good as well.
thenthph # 25 марта 2012 в 02:10 0
Nine regenerates: Meh, fuck him.Ten regenerates: OMG PLZ DON'T GO! NOOOO!Eleven regenerates(Theory): Meh, fuck him.New Whovians are just strange.
laminarf # 26 марта 2012 в 08:00 0
Eccleston is the best doctor after Tom Baker. He was really funny with his wide grins, he also seemed the most dangerous and threatening, he was more of a tough action guy, he was less eccentric in an obvious way but still very alien and his sadness when Rose is supposedly killed by the AnneDroid is just so sad. Smith and Tennant were too young to show the wisdom of a timelord and didn't seem as powerful and dangerous. Smith was too silly while Tennant was too emotional.
eli # 27 марта 2012 в 22:51 0
I say YOLO to The Doctor
wonkymom # 29 марта 2012 в 21:41 0
We have Netflix !!!! Love 10- !!!
bhikku23 # 30 марта 2012 в 14:38 0
Eccleston was such a treat, I'd have loved to see him stay on longer. He also had probably the best arc of character development for the Doctor himself.
ericsbud # 1 апреля 2012 в 01:57 0
i hope bbc america plays this season one day.
samstar4 # 2 апреля 2012 в 20:13 0
The 9th Doctor is the best Doctor, I don't care what anyone says.
sherlock # 3 апреля 2012 в 17:01 0
Guys, I'm serious. I didn't mean what I said about Eccleston. He was cute, but David Tennant was better, I'm sure most of you agree, and in my opnion Matt Smith is better, but I have no personal grudges against Eccleston, and I have watched his season now, it was rather cute, but all of the other seasons were better. I am begging you with everything I have please leave me alone about that comment I made. It was ages ago, so it has to relevence, and I hadn't watched the season. Dear god, guys.
torchwoo # 3 апреля 2012 в 23:35 0
Budget, Power and FX mean nothing in the world of Doctor Who where Imagination and story-telling and performances are the three key pieces. Regardless , Series 1 still looks just as up to date visually beside the current series.
dd # 4 апреля 2012 в 04:35 0
He was my favorite.
james # 5 апреля 2012 в 14:17 0
I pretty much love all of them, although I do have a preference for particular Doctors. Smith has really impressed me, though. He has the madness and physicality of Troughton's Doctor while occasionally showing the more secretive and mysterious alien of McCoy's, two of which are my favourites. Definitely a natural, imo.
thenthph # 10 апреля 2012 в 09:18 0
I find it better, but I think they should combine Four and Nine's regen cycle.Crossfades just suck out a regeneration like that.
zirrasel # 11 апреля 2012 в 21:18 0
It's of course possible. But I just kind of doubt it. I personally think it's just lazy writing, but boy do I hope I stand corrected. Would be awesome if I were.
hamanu66 # 12 апреля 2012 в 07:45 0
Yeah I really wished he would have stayed 3 full seasons and regenerated at the end of series 3.
grace # 12 апреля 2012 в 12:50 0
HMPH. Just fire Moffat already! He's destroying the eleventh doctor :( hmph
ifonlycl # 16 апреля 2012 в 05:02 0
creuvonv # 19 апреля 2012 в 12:31 0
Well, exactly, the momment with older Amy was the first time since Donna left that i actually felt deep emotions about the show again. It was just very lacking overall. Series 5 - 7 just felt incomplete, like something was missing, though i don't really know what. It's just those little plot twists and emotional nightmares RTD could put into the episodes, they just aren't there anymore. Everything resolves easy with a happy ending. Kid's show.
kt # 20 апреля 2012 в 19:10 0
I never cried so much in my child hood than when I first watched this scene! I love David but Christoper will always be my Doctor
thebiffs # 23 апреля 2012 в 05:52 0
:( It was sad to see him go in this
isaqueal # 23 апреля 2012 в 16:17 0
No vai doutor nao vai
jimmyste # 28 апреля 2012 в 19:34 0
It's very sad watching the 9th once again mask his anguish and pain with quick wit, knowing that he can't hide the fact that he's regenerating and will never be the same again. Eccleston may not have had the best of seasons, but he worked with what he got and provided a brilliant take on the Doctor.
haypoopn # 29 апреля 2012 в 06:31 0
R.I.P A damn good doctor!
bella # 30 апреля 2012 в 05:59 0
I know exactly what you mean! Eccleston should return for the 50th. for a while that looked like a no, but now it looks like he may be reconsider *Crosses fingers* PLEASE MOFFAT! Give me this
karmenwo # 9 мая 2012 в 13:01 0
i love how david says hello and his smile
lucy # 11 мая 2012 в 14:46 0
*Moffat. Do not misspell our leaders surname.
bella # 14 мая 2012 в 00:16 0
yes it was "I'm so glad that worked those would have been terrible last words."
gabriel # 15 мая 2012 в 23:18 0
omg i'm crying !
katie # 21 мая 2012 в 12:36 0
How about they're all great Doctors deserving of the love they get, the show is amazing through and through, and we all shut up and enjoy the video
sisthra # 21 мая 2012 в 18:50 0
First Season (2005), The Parting of the Ways. Ninth Doctor (aka Eccleston) was there only for the first season of the new show, then Tennant stepped in.
sasukelo # 22 мая 2012 в 05:20 0
I saw this post on Tumblr and I believe it satisfies those feelings. 9 was born from hate and died in love. 10 was from love and died mad. And 11 was born mad and we'll have to see his end. So I believe the regeneration's show this very well.
womblefr # 23 мая 2012 в 13:43 0
This is great. Tenno was great. Smith is great. Quit your bitching.
mark # 23 мая 2012 в 14:42 0
they should get james mcavoy for the next doctor
natedean # 24 мая 2012 в 06:05 0
It does the same to me as well, It's funny, I saw this before I saw the episode, and when I did see it, I ended up crying when he did regenerate.
masterka # 24 мая 2012 в 08:29 0
Guess what I noticed the other day.Eccleston's episodes are on Earth 100% of the time! (If you count stations orbiting Earth, anyway.)
jordanis # 28 мая 2012 в 07:04 0
10's quirky little smile at the end makes my heart skip a beat every time
paramore # 29 мая 2012 в 07:36 0
@leo berlin true that
iloveabb # 3 июня 2012 в 00:50 0
Ow! My feels! This was fantastic :)
leo # 4 июня 2012 в 08:31 0
I like Matt smith the best
mark # 5 июня 2012 в 02:21 0
i love chris david and matt they are my faviorit
michael # 7 июня 2012 в 03:45 0
Took me a couple of searches but I finally found the name of the song: Hologram.Should be on YouTube after a quick search.
hannah # 7 июня 2012 в 05:53 0
"Hello, okay- New teeth, that's weird... So where was I? Oh that's right, Bosalona!"
austin # 8 июня 2012 в 04:20 0
how bout lets not trash the 11th cuz it's fantastic too. You're all idiots.
underthe # 8 июня 2012 в 13:55 0
I totally agree, moffat is destroying doctor who. The only real reason he gets praise for his job is because he brings in big ratings with the american crowd but to be honest without russel t davies laying the ground work for him I dont think it would have been possible for moffats story lines to gain any kind of following there. It seems silly that for a so called genius, he fails to see the constant flaws in his plots and the very pathetic portrayal of women gives us episode after episode.
angelusm # 12 июня 2012 в 23:32 0
Nine was my first Doctor. He's one of may favorite Doctors and nothing makes me angrier than when people say that you should skip his run and jump straight into Tennant. Those people give him no credit. Nine was fantastic. Of the three from the new series, he's my second favorite (Smith being my first) and when someone says that Nine should be skipped, they're refusing to give credit to a brilliant actor who deserves so much more than a lot of the fans give him.
angelusm # 13 июня 2012 в 04:58 0
Alright.You don't like Matt Smith as the Doctor; that's fine and it doesn't change the fact I like him. You're free to like and dislike whatever you want. I've seen a few serials from the other Doctors, but because a lot of them have been lost to time, the BBC being fire happy, I'll never be able to watch all of them. I like the classic Doctors, but the ones from the New Series are the ones I experienced for and consistently. I like that Smith can be goofy, too. Remember that 4 was a bit silly.
reeves # 15 июня 2012 в 10:38 0
I am 40 my first child hood doctor was 4 as Tom baker and reruns of 3 and 2...Tom Baker, Davidson, Mccoy some of his stuff, doctor 9 and 10 were good. but Smith. Granted I think he can act, but the writing they have for him sucks....amy, the writing they had for her and rori sucked, River they ruined her character. Clara I love hope they dont ruin her...and get off the earth please the doctor has not been earthbound since 1970s this is Sci Fi not Earth Fi
thebawss # 17 июня 2012 в 18:58 0
Smith is cool, tennet was brilliant, but eccelston was simply fantastic
brananor # 18 июня 2012 в 12:56 0
I don't really understand why Eccleston gets so much flack for his performance as the Ninth Doctor...he brought such a unique intensity that blended beautifully with his eccentricity. He's an outstanding actor.
ironjoke # 18 июня 2012 в 23:49 0
No one has played The Doctor like Eccleston. I love Tennant and Smith, but Eccleston is the ultimate Doctor, partly because he was my first, admittedly.
kth568 # 20 июня 2012 в 02:36 0
My first doctor.
david # 21 июня 2012 в 10:02 0
Agreed. Chek out his look of anxiety @ :28 - :33. Bloody brilliant acting
mark # 21 июня 2012 в 13:11 0
like the block buster buster says you never forget your first doctor
mark # 25 июня 2012 в 03:02 0
fantastic adalze garanimo
ma049 # 5 июля 2012 в 14:17 0
@pokebobstupid "Maybe Eccleston wasn't that good". He wasn't good, he was fantastic. Season 1 was never bettered.
tyleryar # 6 июля 2012 в 23:29 0
I love all the Doctor's in their own way, but my favourite is still David Tennant. He was just perfect for the part. I honestly hope somehow, he comes back as the doctor.
tyleryar # 7 июля 2012 в 00:01 0
True, very true. Matt Smith is becoming one of my favourites ^^
carl # 10 июля 2012 в 09:28 0
Eccleston > Tennant and Smith. Sorry
osirisam # 10 июля 2012 в 18:49 0
I'm a new whovian and this episode man! I actually liked the ninth. He was my first, of course. I thought he was kinda cute when he got that overly goofy grin going. :)
james # 10 июля 2012 в 21:30 0
go david!!!! I would like to see matt smith regenerate to david tennant again lol
raven # 13 июля 2012 в 06:31 0
awww i like the 9th doctor
clint277 # 16 июля 2012 в 19:44 0
Sherlocked - whereas I agree that David Tennant played a great 10th doctor. However, I very much disagree about Eccleston not being a good actor. He is my 2nd favorite doctor.He reintroduced Doctor Who perfectly.
vibrantr # 17 июля 2012 в 13:32 0
I love Christopher my fab!
superhap # 20 июля 2012 в 13:20 0
Worst Doctor? Clearly you've never watched Classic Who then because if you had to chose the worst Doctor that would never be Nine. It would be Six maybe or some other one but Nine was a fairly good Doctor as far as Doctor go.And when you say they don't look like the part, are you saying that he doesn't look like the Doctor because he's not handsome? If so then take a look at the First Doctor who was an old man or Four or Three. Dunno... Nine was okay is all I'm saying.
cabooseb # 23 июля 2012 в 05:51 0
I don't know who you are, but I will look for you. And I will find you. And I will EXTERMINATE you.
theyande # 24 июля 2012 в 11:41 0
How could you so easily and ignorantly agree if you've never seen anything past his death?
pokebobs # 25 июля 2012 в 21:08 0
Maybe Eccleston wasn't that good, but the episodes where good, by the way a real fan of Doctor who likes any of the 11 Doctors that there have been.
daleksvs # 26 июля 2012 в 06:06 0
As soon as I read the last two sentences of your comment, the little regard I already had for your comment went out of the window.
reeves # 26 июля 2012 в 16:30 0
I agree about Smith. I do not like him as the Doctor. However I agree with what you say about production. Some of it is the writing too. Get off the Earth. This is Sci Fi not Earth Fi. The doctor is not earthbound. We are not in the 1970s when he was. Amy I did not like her...I felt it was Sci Opera. or Two Guys and an Amy. I like Clara Oswin. I hope her role is not ruined. I am looking forward to matt smith leaving
roisin # 26 июля 2012 в 16:33 0
He was the best Doctor... He was funny, he learnt to care and he had a burning passion to save people and not to become a warrior like the 11th became. His was an end of an era not fully appreciated by the likes of you,
sparklin # 26 июля 2012 в 21:52 0
As an avid fan of both, this is ridiculous. 9 brought back the entire franchise from the brink, I could've watched him for many more series. His Doctor was so war-weary and hardened but he changed over the series. A truly magnificent performance.
jellybea # 28 июля 2012 в 14:04 0
you suck
zirrasel # 29 июля 2012 в 04:59 0
Words of wisdom from an actual doctor who fan.Thank you.
ifonlycl # 30 июля 2012 в 21:03 0
Ridiculous. Nine was fantastic. I love Ten best, but I would have gladly taken another season with Eccleston too!If it was a bit campy, it's because the new series was just restarting and such. The first season is always a bit touchy like that--especially with sci-fi.Look the part? He REGENERATES. He can look like anything. LITERALLY.His acting was fine, but the writing needed a few touches.
nolan # 2 августа 2012 в 00:16 0
thank you so much. nine's my favorite too.
severuss # 3 августа 2012 в 11:08 0
i like your shoelaces.
altcomma # 3 августа 2012 в 19:25 0
Nine was actually really good. Especially in this video. Really the only reason most people don't like him as much as 10 and 11 is that we didn't get much time with him.
prussian # 3 августа 2012 в 20:18 0
Congratulations, you just made a whole fandom rage. Never skip nine, you're not only losing five episodes with Captain Jack, but also all of the sass and fantasticness of Nine.
sherlock # 4 августа 2012 в 08:01 0
Please shut up. Also, you have no right to speak to me, because your picture is Robert Pattenson.
max # 5 августа 2012 в 02:20 0
Well the first season of Doctor Who not Classic Doctor Who
severuss # 6 августа 2012 в 01:25 0
can i just say... he's just as attractive to me as matt and david...
h4ck3r11 # 7 августа 2012 в 05:34 0
What's funny is you say Matt Smith is great, yet he had never even seen an episode until he got the part. Whereas Chris and David were both fans. David was way more of a fan, but still. Matt's is a fairly flat character, too. He has had so many chances to change and now it is starting to get interesting, but he just can't live up to the incredible stories found in 9's and in most of 10's episodes.
maniacle # 8 августа 2012 в 13:35 0
I'm not going to say "MY GOD, HOW THE F**K CAN YOU SAY THAT!!?? LOVE HIIMM!!!" I am going to say, however, watch Eccleston's whole series before making a judgement. You can't say "I don't want to watch his whole series" and then say "he's my worst Doctor." If you actually watch his series, I think your opinion will change. That's all I'm saying. Watch it, then make an opinion, not the other way around.
torchwoo # 10 августа 2012 в 07:24 0
Do you have proof of that? Christopher Eccleston's received very positive feedback for his latest part in "Thor" by the people he's worked with during that production not to mention himself and Russel T Davies previously worked together before Doctor Who. There are many actors like him that like to try different things and in one interview he explained that he intended to help bring back Doctor Who and that was it- But feel free to explain to us all about where you found that information from.
livcaitb # 10 августа 2012 в 08:21 0
I loved the 9th Doctor
the5cool # 14 августа 2012 в 07:36 0
Watch out, guys we got a fanboy.
geassman # 15 августа 2012 в 02:38 0
You don't get to have an opinion because you havent seen his season. ipso facto you have no basis to judge his "Bad acting" youre not a true fan if you watch doctor who because the doctor is attractive. thats called being a bullshit fangirl.
metheone # 15 августа 2012 в 13:35 0
He's supposed to be different. Nine is still struggling with PTSD from the time war. Throughout his run you watch him recover, culminating with his regeneration into Ten. It's not the best series, but it's important and it has a few great stories. The Slitheen are stupid, though.
xmorfos # 16 августа 2012 в 06:05 0
Eccleston may just be the best doctor but he didn't have enough time to shine. In my opinion he is the thirrd best doctor out of all of them, first being David Tennant and second being Tom Baker.
yacobman # 21 августа 2012 в 15:05 0
Nine was the best actor of between him and Eleven. He was so much happier, always willing to save lives and end them. He was Fantastic.
candypin # 22 августа 2012 в 03:06 0
=O Bertie Snatch Jr! xD
david # 22 августа 2012 в 18:13 0
I agree. One thing the previous series of Doctors did better was that each regeneration was different. My favourite of that era: Tom Baker morphing into Peter Davison. Remeber the "watcher"?
wholock # 23 августа 2012 в 12:22 0
I just watched this.....I am crying again. This Doctor will always been mine.
laurelle # 23 августа 2012 в 12:26 0
9 and 10 are cool. 11 is SO cheesy.
88pie88 # 3 сентября 2012 в 16:39 0
you were fantastic eccleston.
elizabet # 6 сентября 2012 в 14:36 0
Seriously nine was my favorite Doctor I cried for days when he regenerated into Ten. I was so upset I didn't watch it for a bit. Then I loved Ten and when he regenerated into Eleven I didn't watch it for a bit again. I'm slowly loving Matt Smith now :/ But still Nine is and always will be my favorite Doctor!
mod # 11 сентября 2012 в 03:11 0
The Ninth Doctor goes out like a champion and the Tenth Doctor goes out with a whimper.
elijah # 12 сентября 2012 в 07:49 0
so did Ten in one of the episodes w/ Donna Nobble, and 11 didn't cheat regeneration he cheated death.
redback7 # 13 сентября 2012 в 13:33 0
whats the tune at 2:02??
jack # 15 сентября 2012 в 07:19 0
This was the first ever Doctor Who I seen... I was really confused. because I didn't see the others.... Lol
flame # 15 сентября 2012 в 10:43 0
My first Doctor is Eccleston, But David Tennant is My Doctor
horacios # 17 сентября 2012 в 14:09 0
(1:13-2:46) What is the name of the song?
diabolo4 # 18 сентября 2012 в 01:33 0
am i the only one who cried? chris eccleson was my celecerty crush..... i know im wierd :/
iprorey # 19 сентября 2012 в 00:08 0
my first doctor :D
paul # 19 сентября 2012 в 16:16 0
Having never watched Doctor Who, I am entirely confused.
idoprank # 21 сентября 2012 в 13:18 0
I've watched every single Doctor Who episode...call me a nutter...but I think it's AWESOME! :D
superhap # 23 сентября 2012 в 08:37 0
That tends to happen
idoprank # 24 сентября 2012 в 03:48 0
Funny how the Doctor always has a British accent.
idoprank # 3 октября 2012 в 08:44 0
I do realize this...I'm just making a joke about how the Doctor (from another planet entirely) has a British accent, with each regeneration.
the2cool # 3 октября 2012 в 22:44 0
Didn't you hear him in the first episode, a lot of planets have a north xP
madgamer # 6 октября 2012 в 14:37 0
sherlock # 10 октября 2012 в 18:02 0
Ten's 'I don't want to go' was one of the most beautfiul and heart-breaking things I have ever seen.Tenth Doctor > Ninth Doctor.Plus David Tennant is a great actor, where as Eccleston can't, absoloutly can NOT act.
candypin # 11 октября 2012 в 03:42 0
9th > 10thSorry, but I think "IT'S NOT FAIR!" should've been said by 9th Doctor and not 10th :)
nan # 11 октября 2012 в 07:23 0
It wasn't "whiney", it was angry.I can't stand it when people fight over who the "better Doctor" is, it's dumb. Nine, Ten, and Eleven are the same man. Each has lived a different life, and experienced different things, but they are the same.Nine I believe lived more of a hopeful, happy life; not that Ten didn't, but he lost so many companions and so many good people that when he left he was filled with rage and sorrow.Eccleston and Tennant are amazing, and the Doctor is wonderful.
thegreen # 25 октября 2012 в 01:31 0
I don't think he always writes what his role is gonna say. So your argument is invalid, lol. However, I don't think theres one 'best doctor' since everyone has a different opinion and view on each actor. Just look at the comments, people all have different views and others try to change their opinion because they don't accept it. You guys should just let other people have their opinions ._.
susan # 26 октября 2012 в 14:33 0
I wish there was an episode where the tenth and eleventh doctors meet
ringtheh # 26 октября 2012 в 22:15 0
then explain the episode of classic doctor who where three different doctors worked together to defeat the master.
ringtheh # 30 октября 2012 в 01:39 0
i guess so. i wish i could. i'm just using information from clips of the episode.
rahan099 # 30 октября 2012 в 08:29 0
Can't wait to see an episode with the three doctors. Like, a special or something. That would kick daleks' ass !
oeelnahs # 31 октября 2012 в 00:42 0
enfo613 # 31 октября 2012 в 15:02 0
i remember watching the tom baker years
ilovebar # 2 ноября 2012 в 05:26 0
uhh my heart breaks when Eccleston disappears...he were fantastic. but then everything is alright again, when Tennant smiles in the end :')
42ndleve # 2 ноября 2012 в 16:29 0
Both magnificent doctors
anthonyd # 6 ноября 2012 в 22:04 0
9 Was my First Doctor, The 2nd being 10, and so far 1 has got me intrigued. I like them all and whether you love the incarnations or not, The Doctor is still and always will be just that.The Doctor. Different face, Different clothing, Different Personality in every Regeneration BUT everything he's went through he never forgotten and that's the beauty of him, All is lost in regeneration but his memories still remain.
nancye20 # 7 ноября 2012 в 12:31 0
Everytime it makes me cry. So sad, but he was happy to regenerate because he saved Rose, it tells a lot that he was in a good place because of her and that's why 10 was the way he was. Yes, 10 regenerating also was sad, specially because of the way they did it, he was too attached to that body and emotions and even throw a tantrum :(
superjim # 10 ноября 2012 в 05:53 0
I miss Eccleston. I hope he comes back in the 50th special.But, he is playing the villian in Thor 2, so that's nice.
superjim # 12 ноября 2012 в 04:08 0
Ya, I know, right?! As if nerds like myself needed another reason to want to go see it...
littlebo # 14 ноября 2012 в 06:02 0
Nobody forget's their first Doctor. I will never forget Eccleston
bryant # 16 ноября 2012 в 17:19 0
Me neither.
torie488 # 17 ноября 2012 в 16:21 0
thedocto # 18 ноября 2012 в 10:57 0
nor me
legacyof # 20 ноября 2012 в 09:14 0
Ten's regeneration destroyed the TARDIS Because he held it in for so long, so he could see his friends, it just became too much and extra explosive
wubmachi # 21 ноября 2012 в 23:12 0
the reason that it because ten absorbed so much ratation his regeneration was a lot more violent thus causing the tardis to be destroyed, while his past regenerations were far more peaceful except for when the second was forced to regenerate
sarroula # 22 ноября 2012 в 02:57 0
which episode is this?
eateroft # 24 ноября 2012 в 06:39 0
Good old 9, he regenerates with a grin rather than a sob
amazing0 # 24 ноября 2012 в 16:26 0
The happiest moment when he turned into David Tennant ! But when David turned into Matt i wanted to cry ! :S
joseph # 25 ноября 2012 в 04:13 0
I loved David Tennant, but I hate how they lost the cool all black and leather jacket look. But at least Tennant's outfit and the bow tie are an improvement over wearing a vegetable.
imagod65 # 27 ноября 2012 в 08:18 0
I think that Eccleston never got to grow on his character, 13 episodes and he is out....I believe if he had more time he would have been just as well liked as Tennant. His personality was just starting to form an interesting shape, also he was a bad ass...something that Smith makes me cringe about. He looks like a strong breeze could knock his ass over
jeffrey # 28 ноября 2012 в 17:40 0
Tennant was, shall we say, fantastic. There is no doubt about it, he was the best Doctor around. But we can never forget Eccleston. He was just as much the Doctor as Tennant was and I loved every bit of his series; series that got me hooked to this show. While his regeneration didn't make me cry like Tennant's did, mostly cuz Tennant had 4 series to grow on my heart, it still tugged on my heart. 9 & 10 will always be my Doctor.
page # 28 ноября 2012 в 18:55 0
Anyone know if the background song starting from minute 1:15 is included on the Original Soundtrack? D: I really help a lot
frozenki # 29 ноября 2012 в 12:14 0
oh 9, you are my favourite. you changed as a person like no other doctor has.once a veteran from the time war scared by his past, the time lord as 9 grew to be a much more, kind and adventurous person.to quote 9 "Rose, you were fantastic, you were absoloutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I."
ceclub # 30 ноября 2012 в 14:17 0
He also undergoes a personality change so he has his old memory's but is a different person. So he is saying goodbye because he might not be the same anymore.
imagod65 # 6 декабря 2012 в 14:02 0
pretty much is a completely new person but with the same memories. Horribly sad when you think about it
jordan # 8 декабря 2012 в 20:58 0
I liked 9th he was the one that made doctor who more darker.
elric6 # 9 декабря 2012 в 04:04 0
David Tennant will forever be my least favorite Doctor. Even when Matt, regenerates again, and once more after that, I seriously doubt they could find someone who annoys me more to play the role.
qetoun # 9 декабря 2012 в 10:14 0
BBC trash
ma049 # 9 декабря 2012 в 13:34 0
Eccleston was pitch perfect as the Doctor from day one. I was doubtful of David Tennant at first but by Series 3 he owned the role.Matt Smith? Imho his best performance was in the Eleventh Hour but its all been down hill from there. His portrayal of the character is all over the place. I think he is probably he worst Dr yet, second last with Sylvester McCoy, another era when they just couldn't work out what they wanted to do with the character.
karen # 14 декабря 2012 в 06:16 0
i cried
peoples # 20 декабря 2012 в 10:55 0
Tom Baker was mine.
zachary # 20 декабря 2012 в 13:44 0
David Tennant in a leather jacket and "v" neck..... NAH!
reyaithe # 20 декабря 2012 в 15:22 0
This always makes me cry. :(
goldenja # 23 декабря 2012 в 17:57 0
Tennant grew on me and I think I'm going to like Smith but there is just absolutely no replacement for Eccelson. He was smug, and cynical, and face-paced, and, in my opinion, the best Doctor.
snapnigh # 28 декабря 2012 в 17:09 0
This was the very first regeneration I saw and I was only 5 years old
feratrox # 29 декабря 2012 в 03:07 0
It took a while for Tennant to grow on me. About four seconds."Barcelona :D"
cstory72 # 29 декабря 2012 в 21:06 0
the new regeneration scene from 9th and 10th doctors seem more a rip off of highlander. especialy the 10th regenerating to 11th. I mean come on. why a knock of the quickening? what next? have the 11th regenerate into Christopher Lambert? now that would be funny
bella # 30 декабря 2012 в 16:20 0
I was just intruduced to Dr. Who and Christopher was my first Dr. When he changed I was SO sad I cried. I really liked him. I didn't think I'd like David Tennant, I was afraid he wouldn't live up to Chrisopher, but I've grown to like him :D Christopher Eccleston is still my favorite doctor and has a very special place in my heart, but David is a really good Doctor Who.
arthus85 # 1 января 2013 в 09:50 0
I have a friend who had a sister who only liked Eccelston. She hated Tennant and Smith because she thought that Eccelston was the first doctor in existence and refused to accept his replacements. then she discovered the classic series, and the fact that Eccelston wasn't the first doctor completely ruined the show for her.
lintuwat # 2 января 2013 в 14:00 0
well then boo hoo for her.maybe she needs a jelly baby.
arthus85 # 3 января 2013 в 19:20 0
Same here bro. same here.
arthus85 # 8 января 2013 в 21:45 0
oh I already know that bro. it's just that I find it sad that someone who wasn't familiar with doctor who immediately gets turned off by one of the show's long running plot points.
belmikey # 9 января 2013 в 23:56 0
I'm sorry your friend is so narrowminded.
patrick # 11 января 2013 в 10:13 0
I read this as Barrow minded, like John Barrowman... haha
historyb # 12 января 2013 в 08:21 0
What is the name of the song/theme in this bit?
dxdan75 # 14 января 2013 в 17:34 0
this waz my 1st episode of Doctor Who:)
michaelm # 15 января 2013 в 05:20 0
David Tennant whoooooooooo.
slizerbl # 15 января 2013 в 15:45 0
David Tennant's smile... *orgasm*
hakimhus # 20 января 2013 в 15:26 0
my first doctor
hakimhus # 25 января 2013 в 15:53 0
Ninth Doctor Was FANTASTIC!
anime-ne # 27 января 2013 в 19:50 0
wht episode was this
dat # 28 января 2013 в 02:23 0
idkif the monsters the 11th doctor fought were less frightening, I mean the silence and weeping angels were scarier than the slitheen imo
pawndida # 28 января 2013 в 09:26 0
He also had a northern accent. That was a really cool accent.
cassie # 1 февраля 2013 в 21:11 0
can we get married? i feel exactly the same. let's just watch all of the 1st season. :)
mateo # 3 февраля 2013 в 06:18 0
I agreed that the ninth doctor is my favorit, it's because he was more interesting than David Tennant and Matt Smith.
whammyre # 3 февраля 2013 в 21:39 0
Wow, surprised my comment has gotten such a warm reception XD. Anyway, I'm finally done with David and up to Matt Smith...and I have to say I still love the 9th. David was great, and Donna and Wilfred were great companions, and 11th Doctor and Amy and Rory are absolutely brilliant. But the 9th Doctor was my first Doctor, and no matter what, he'll hold a special place in my heart. But no matter if it's 1-8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th, I think we can all agree; the Doctor is FANTASTIC!
whammyre # 4 февраля 2013 в 14:40 0
She's kind of grown on me. She has her moments, but in the end I still like Donna, Wilfred, Amy, and Rory the best ^_^. Especially Wilfred and Rory....and I think Wilfred and the Ninth Doctor would have been awesome together XD.
amsonamy # 5 февраля 2013 в 11:05 0
The 9th and 10th docotrs i rly loved but i'm not keen on the 11th
watertom # 8 февраля 2013 в 20:42 0
I like how Rose sounds when she says "Don't say that." Fragile and sincere.
darklord # 9 февраля 2013 в 22:28 0
Absolutely Fantastic. I miss Chris :I
pcoxgame # 19 февраля 2013 в 17:38 0
not in a million years
pcoxgame # 19 февраля 2013 в 21:13 0
its not that the 11th doctor is bad if russel t davies still wrote the episodes id love him as much as chris and and david. Steven is not good as head writer he is better as writing those genius once a series episodes.
theryan2 # 22 февраля 2013 в 11:47 0
A single man tear.
mrrandom # 23 февраля 2013 в 05:54 0
at 0:29 all the classic doctor who fans would have been on the edge of their seats and said "IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN".
muzikman # 23 февраля 2013 в 17:03 0
Doctor Who fans really know how to bitch and stop enjoying the show for what it is. I love all of it, all the writers, all the Doctors, all the episodes. If you dont, just shut up and deal with it.
theganon # 26 февраля 2013 в 08:00 0
Did anyone else notice Rick Astley playing on the radio in Father's Day? I nearly lost my shit
emerystr # 28 февраля 2013 в 06:53 0
I didn't want to see the 9th Doctor go. I kind of resented the 10th Doctor at first because he just wasn't Eccleston. But he grew on me pretty quickly. :)
prs2100 # 5 марта 2013 в 09:36 0
You know what, I face that exactly with Smith and Tennant. I felt like the 11th doctor was taking my 10th doctor away.
ashlee # 6 марта 2013 в 17:11 0
I had the same exact feeling. xD
charlott # 10 марта 2013 в 04:08 0
Me too, exactly. And then the same happened with Matt Smith because I could just not stand to see the end of Ten. Guess I'd better give him a chance...
spartan1 # 14 марта 2013 в 02:25 0
he did end up doing a Fantastic job C:
pianokin # 16 марта 2013 в 15:27 0
Oh great. He's Rick Astley!
blankeye # 17 марта 2013 в 05:43 0
Ahh, you never forget your first Doctor.....
newprafe # 18 марта 2013 в 21:25 0
The last episode was so INTENSE and emotional, just crazy-awesome!
clonetro # 20 марта 2013 в 01:25 0
I think 9 didn't really want to do it and RTD thought it was necessary to show regeneration since a lot of people were unfamiliar with Doctor Who.
clonetro # 20 марта 2013 в 02:22 0
It's a shame, because he was, forgive me for saying this, FANTASTIC! Another season would have been nice, and since RTD is gone, maybe we can see him come back.
vampman8 # 22 марта 2013 в 05:11 0
Chris won't be coming back to Doctor Who. The reason why he left after only a season was because he was afraid of the Doctor's Curse, which happens to every actor who played the Doctor: even after they leave, no matter how many roles they get, they will be known ONLY for their role as the Doctor. Chris wanted to be known for a variety of roles, hence his departure. However, the Curse still might haunt him, given that he singlehandedly revived the series, something his predecessor failed to do.
lightlif # 23 марта 2013 в 11:29 0
Though he did admit the he was proud that he took on the role.
lightlif # 26 марта 2013 в 02:47 0
Apprarently he didn't enjoy the working enviroment or culture on-set but was proud to have taken the role.
florence # 28 марта 2013 в 08:05 0
GAH i just LOVE David Tennant! I cried when He died :( and cried when he left Donna
kaizoise # 29 марта 2013 в 10:47 0
I think they should have an entire season featuring the 8th doctor and the Time War.
kgbinfor # 29 марта 2013 в 13:56 0
I love the 9th Doctor's smile...it's really, um peculiar.
kaizoise # 1 апреля 2013 в 19:54 0
0:18 I sang a song and the Daleks ran away.What song?Oh it went like this: 7AM waking up in the morning gotta be fresh gotta go downstairs...
hihypno # 2 апреля 2013 в 01:25 0
Sir, I cannot upvote this enough.
kaizoise # 5 апреля 2013 в 06:40 0
No, now that I think about it, it was more like this:Can you hear them? They're coming. They're in the signal. They're in my head...If the Daleks heard that song, they would think the Master is around, and they would probably run away (cause there is no hope of winning if the Doctor and Master teamed up against them)
themissa # 7 апреля 2013 в 02:50 0
Did you not watch series one when it aired?
themissa # 7 апреля 2013 в 15:47 0
Okay, I've got an idea that might work, I don't know if it will but you could try. Do you have google in America? If so, type in watch doctor who online and click on Watch Doctor Who Serie Online - Watch Series, that should be the top link. They have every single episode starting from s1 up to the present. It's free here and it's fantastic to use, hopefully it's the same in America! x
torchwoo # 8 апреля 2013 в 08:16 0
Mate you got yourself a fucking medal
gmmrevie # 8 апреля 2013 в 12:36 0
his writing just doesn't make much sense. I never really understand what's going on, with the whole river thing nothing really makes sense, it's not established what period she's from each time they meet. Also you never really see earth's big picture any more. When the cybermen ghosts invaded earth you saw how everyone reacted, even Eastenders. Yet in the first episode of series 5, a giant eyeball invades earth and the news didn't even care to come in to have look.
gmmrevie # 10 апреля 2013 в 06:53 0
I'm glad somebody else agrees :)although I'm Scottish... but aside a very good point, Sherlock is brilliantly written and Doctor Who has just become a big cash cow. Hopefully Steven will step down and let somebody else take over before more fans begin to feel the same.
elisa # 10 апреля 2013 в 19:19 0
Wat episode of wat season?
alassea # 11 апреля 2013 в 02:15 0
Episode 13 of Season 1
blastor1 # 11 апреля 2013 в 18:06 0
Yeah, I'm almost hate to say it but CE is my fav Doctor after 4, 7 and 8. 9 had a better exit than 10's opera-fest.
sehon # 11 апреля 2013 в 19:59 0
When I first saw this I was 7 years old and seeing the doctor regenerate was the most amazing thing i ever saw
sakikata # 13 апреля 2013 в 23:33 0
Is it odd that I cried when Eccleston's Doctor regenerated and not Tennant's? Yeah, I thought Ten was fantastic, but the regeneration dragged on for so long I couldn't wait to see Matt Smith...
theafrot # 15 апреля 2013 в 02:26 0
Well... That's a bit drastic, isn't it?
allebtra # 15 апреля 2013 в 12:29 0
both have such great smiles.
alekwhee # 15 апреля 2013 в 21:05 0
it says something that the doctor actually got better when they changed doctors
sargedan # 16 апреля 2013 в 18:51 0
He was the best 1
jakesid1 # 19 апреля 2013 в 14:28 0
I like it how, for me his regeneration and others will always be sadder than Tennant's. They forced his upon us with those ridiculous specials and the two parter, as if he deserved them more than any other doctor. He was only on for three series and they felt the need to do that. I've always hated Tennant's regeneration.
jakesid1 # 21 апреля 2013 в 19:30 0
No. Tennant's regeneration was stupid. He had all those fucking specials (WHY?) and then the two parter leading up to it. Saying "goodbye" to all his companions was quite frankly, idiotic and then they played dramatic music to try and make it sound epic. After all that, I was glad to see him go.
jakesid1 # 23 апреля 2013 в 06:15 0
They strung out his regeneration over those stupid specials to make him seem more important. We didn't really get to see him travel alone because he still had other people that he talked to in those episodes, sorta like half-companions. The end of time had to be one of the worst specials ever. Come on, turning everyone into the master? Lame. None of the modern doctor's companions have been turne away like Amy did at the end of the god complex. All Doctor's are best, RTD ruined Tennant.
jakesid1 # 25 апреля 2013 в 06:10 0
How was 10-11 regeneration not over the top? The Tardis blows up for god's sake. Did Eccleston get this special blowy up regeneration? No. Fangirls loved Tennant so much RTD probably felt he had to make him cry and whine about his regeneration. I was so happy when he grew that floppy black fringe and massive chin
unnamedn # 28 апреля 2013 в 09:52 0
Despite the massive release of energy, the TARDIS did NOT blow up. The controls "appeared" damaged but with all the spares the TARDIS keeps lying around, it was probably in some sort of pandimensional snit. The new Doctor, fresh from regeneration, was probably too giddy to completely correct it more than incapable, thus all the handing out the door and narrowly missing ballshots from buildings.So complaints about #10 melodrama are worse than said melodrama or fangirl lamentations themselves.
unnamedn # 28 апреля 2013 в 13:15 0
End of what? The TARDIS didn't blow up when the Doctor regenerated. End of.
unnamedn # 30 апреля 2013 в 11:45 0
I'd say pot-kettle-black if you weren't a complete mug. You said IT blew up, not parts. I said it didn't. Now you're trying to modify your own comment history.If you pay attention, you'd know that the TARDIS archives all of its rooms, past present and future. And remember when the Titanic crashed into it? That was fixed in seconds. It bobbed on the burning core of a Dalek superstation for awhile and was fine. Unless it or its soul is completely wiped out, I'd say visual damage is superficial.
deadhobo # 2 мая 2013 в 18:59 0
huh.... he was my fav
shockzro # 3 мая 2013 в 17:50 0
Yeah, it is sad to see David go but wait until you see Matt. In my opinion, he's just as great. =D
uiruu # 11 мая 2013 в 15:47 0
I think Matt Smith (Doctor 11) will grow on you.
uiruu # 13 мая 2013 в 12:47 0
Wait till you get to the fez!
nedyarb1 # 13 мая 2013 в 21:38 0
who doesnt want an accent like the doctors? :D
kathryn # 15 мая 2013 в 15:10 0
Free Country !