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Идиот | the idiot (2003)

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English captions are available for your convenience.

I've recently rewatched a russian tv adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novel "The Idiot" which happens to be the closest to the original text. I've seen it before when i was thirteen, but i guess it is only now i could fully appreciate it. It just spoke to my heart on so many levels, it was wonderfully painful too. An enormous "thank you" goes to all the amazing actors who took this masterpiece to a whole new level for me.
So this particular video is an insight on prince Myshkin's beautiful, pure, childlike soul. And the love line with Nastasia Philipovna.
The video is in russian, but you can turn the english captions on. Also if you are interested in russian classic literature or Dostoyevsky in particular and would love to watch this tv adaptation, you can find it on Youtube (all 10 episodes with english captions).

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