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$1,200 Stimulus Check for SSDI, SSA, SSI, Payee – Monday, May 18th Update

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$1200 stimulus check for SSDI, SSA, SSI, Payee – Monday, May 18 update
In this video, Matt discusses some of the most frequently asked questions he receives on his stimulus videos. Many people watching and leaving comments on these videos ask very similar questions, so Matt decided to answer those questions and give Direction as to why some people have not received their stimulus payments. This video is in reference to those people specifically receiving Social Security disability, Social Security retirement, Social Security survivors, and supplemental security income. Please watch this video and as Matt suggests, collaborate with each other in the comment section to possibly determine when payments may be received with the limited information we have from the government entities.

Thank you so much for your continued support, we sincerely appreciate it. We will be bringing you the latest information as we get it from the government websites. Thank you

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