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$1400 STIMULUS CHECKS BIDEN! $2000 Stimulus Check Update + SSI SSDI $2000 Unemployment

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$1400 STIMULUS CHECKS BIDEN! $2000 Stimulus Check Update + SSI SSDI $2000 Unemployment + Student Loan Forgiveness + SECOND and THIRD Stimulus Check Update: $2,000 + $600 Cash Act Stimulus Package Benefits Congress URGENT New House Senate Stimulus Check Update NEXT WEEK??? Trump relief bill just passed by Congress, changes to the bill.

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if you did not receive your $600 stimulus check, you might have to wait until tax time to claim these disaster relief funds from the IRS.

While the acceptance of tax returns typically starts at the end of January, the IRS is pushing the start date to February 12th so that they can get all of their ducks in a row for the incoming Recovery Rebate Credits for millions of Americans still waiting for their $600 stimulus checks.

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig explained: "This start date will ensure that people get their needed tax refunds quickly while also making sure they receive any remaining stimulus payments they are eligible for as quickly as possible."

Additionally, the IRS has established a free tax filing tool, called Free File, which will allow taxpayers to prepare and file their income tax returns, as well as receive their direct payment stimulus checks.

If you are still waiting on your disaster relief funds, make sure to visit the IRS website on February 12th to file your return for free, so that you can finally receive your highly anticipated stimulus check.

Meanwhile, a recent study from Bank of America looked at how Americans are spending their second round of direct payment stimulus checks for $600.

B of A economist Michelle Meyer looked at the credit-card data from the bank, focusing on the month of January when stimulus checks started hitting bank accounts.

Meyer found that: “Total card spending for stimulus recipients is up nearly 20% year-over-year average since Jan. 1, which is almost 4X the December average growth rate.”

The biggest jump came from lower income households, where spending increased almost 40% more for homes that received stimulus checks than those that did not.

This goes to show just how important these stimulus funds are for millions of Americans, as the more stimulus we receive the more we can buy vital necessities and stimulate the economy.

Finally, with the proposed $ trillion stimulus package awaiting approval from Congress, we’re getting closer and closer to seeing our much needed $1,400 stimulus checks.

But with multiple stimulus initiatives such as a national $15 minimum wage and paid leave complicating the process of rolling out more stimulus checks, the next round of stimulus funds could hit bank accounts in the coming days, or weeks depending on a few factors.

If the $1,400 stimulus checks are proposed as a one-off bill, we could see these funds in our hands as soon as next week.

However, financial experts are predicting that these vital stimulus checks will likely be hitting the streets in early-to-mid February, so stay tuned to this channel for the latest information on when you can expect to see your $1,400 stimulus check.




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