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20 Minecraft Nether Update Bugs In 100 Seconds! (Bedrock Edition)

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Welcome to another Bugrock of the week! We got 20 Bedrock Edition NETHER UPDATE bugs in 100 seconds! No time to waste with this video, we just get right to it! I hope you enjoyed this derpy video, and maybe learned about a new bug! Make sure to check out the bug report links below! If you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing so you don't miss any others :D Have a lovely day!!

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Ghost blocks appear after mining blocks quickly:

Items bounce when hitting lava:

Adult chickens don't die in lava, with chicken cookers:

Soul campfires and campfires produce the same amount of light:

The model for the baby ZOGLIN has a small head:

Other zombie pigmen aggro when you one-hit kill one of them:

Sometimes Hoglins Attack on Peaceful:

Tnt only damages the player sometimes:

Redstone components can't be crafted with blackstone:

Blackstone can’t be used to repair stone tools and weapons using an anvil:

Nether brick texture is lighter than the new nether brick variants:

Nether brick slab sound wasn't updated. The rest of the variants have new sound applied:

Pick-blocking/breaking nether sprouts produces a glitchy item:

When a fungus is grown, it no longer deletes solid blocks but still deletes non-solid blocks:

you cannot enchant the fishing rod:

When a barter is in progress and you click to barter again with a piglin, the gold is consumed:

when u strip logs they dont make a sound:

Clicking on bed shows multiple messages of respawn point set:

Polished Basalt blocks just delete when you mine them, and sometimes when you place them:

No Credits at The End of the Game:

Leaving the end breaks world lighting:

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