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2nd Stimulus Check Update And Stimulus Package Update August 3rd

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If you are like everybody else in America then you are wanting to know what is going on with the second stimulus check, the unemployment extension, eviction moratorium, ppp funding, state and local funding, school funding, and so much more. Trust me, I am with you on that, which is why I am always doing research on my own so that I can stay up to date as well.

Stimulus Update August 2nd:

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Today is the day that we hopefully get an answer about the stimulus package, the second stimulus check, unemployment extension, and possibly liability protections. Today is the day when the Senate will be back at Capital Hill, hopefully they will do a better job at negotiating this next stimulus package and finally give American's the help that many are needing.

When it comes to the second stimulus check, it now looks like all Congress is considering is the $1,200 amount. This number is always being talked about due to the fact that many Senators still feel that $1,200 is not going to do enough and the economy will still be in the same spot it is right now, in a few months from now. Whether this is the case or not, I am sure you can agree that a $2,000 one-time or even monthly stimulus check would do much more for you and your financial situation than a one-time $1,200 stimulus check will, right?

Today I hope to be able to give you even more good news regarding the next round of stimulus. If there is more good news regarding stimulus then I will do another stimulus check and stimulus package update later today, if not, then I promise I will do another 2nd stimulus check update and stimulus package update tomorrow morning around the same time.

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