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[39] THE MASS CHICKEN EXTINCTION EVENT OF 5503 ▶ RimWorld 1.0 Gameplay | RimWorld Walkthrough

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Let's Play RimWorld


The time has come; I'm heading back to everyone's favorite place in the galaxy, those sad little worlds on the Rim where every day is a struggle to survive. I'm aiming to play a relaxed, fun game (Randy Random storyteller, 'natch) where we build a bit of a base, defend ourselves a bit, and ease back into the game that is RimWorld ! If you want to join me, crawl on into your cryptosleep pod, launch the ship, and come along!


*** NAME MY COLONISTS! *** If you want to be part of my colony, leave your name (or the name you want for your character), along with the desired gender, in the comments. (Male, Female, or Don’t Care.) I will select names for new colonists using a randomizer.




Fluffy's Mod Manager
Fluffy's Relations Tab
Fluffy's Research Tree
Fluffy's Work Tab
Where's the Gravel (Faeldray)
Quest Tab (Shaun McFall)
RimWorld Search Engine (DoctorVanGough, Killface, meonester)
HandyUI Fast Colonist Info (Densevoid)
More Planning (Alan Dariva)
Path Avoid (Kiame Vivacity)
Hospitality (Orion)
Allow Tool (UnlimitedHugs)
F&C (Kosaro)
Pick Up and Haul (Mehni)
Minigun Handling Technique (Mehni)
Cremate Auto Strip (bdew)
Replace Stuff (Uuugggg)
Smart Medicine (Uuugggg)
Better Workbench Management (falconne)
RimFridge (Vendan)
RT Fuse (Ratysz)


About Bjorn Strongndarm’s Let’s Play:

Games are fun! They’re even more fun when shared with others. I record and upload what I play in order to share these experiences with others.

I provide relaxed, family-friendly yet mature commentary while playing. Some people occasionally even find it entertaining! (Although I make no promises.) I don’t claim to be particularly good at gaming; often, the most fun comes from failing in the most spectacular of ways. Losing is Fun! (I’m looking at you, Dwarf Fortress.) But I do try to get better.

(Oh, and it’s pronounced “Bee-Yorn Strong-in-the-arm”, with thanks to Sir Terry Pratchett.)


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“The Way of Waking Up”, The Kyoto Connection

Licensed under Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution[27] CRYPTOSLEEP CASKET OPENING PARTY ▶ RimWorld Gameplay | RimWorld Walkthrough

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