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9 Tricks for Teens to Make Any Date Go Great

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So, your teenager wants to start dating, huh? This can be a strange and awkward time for everyone. On the one hand, you’re probably thinking: Where did my baby go? While your teen is thinking: How can I date this person without Mom or Dad freaking out? Don’t worry – there are ways to navigate teen dating that’ll keep the weirdness – and worry – to a minimum. And the first thing you should do is accept this and don't panic.

Realize that this period in your teen’s life is normal. Your teen’s hormones are raging at this age, so if you strictly forbid dating, they’re probably going to do it anyway – without your knowledge, and without your rules. Dating is part of what’s going to help shape your teen into who they’ll become! They’ll learn a lot of life lessons through dating too. If you're a teen, understand and accept that your parents are going to feel protective; they might be a little hesitant to give you this type of freedom. This is just as hard for them as it is for you.


Accept This 0:27
Have an Open and Honest Discussion 1:10
Keep Communication Open 1:52
Be Informed 2:36
Set Rules and Boundaries 3:24
Be Accepting of Who Your Teen Dates 4:29
Encourage Variety 5:25
Let Your Teen Make Mistakes 6:38
Still Have Family Time 7:41

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