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||A Blind Date With The Billionaire's Son||2/2 {Jungkook one-shot}

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♡Facts About Me:
•Hello, my name is Xixi or Shishi.
•I am PURE Filipino (who does not know how to speak tagalog)
•I accept one-shot requests and not series.
•I will only make Jungkook ffs as I am more comfortable with him as my main character.
•I am a simple Army who does not have any BTS merch, and my obvious bias is Jungkook.
•My bias-wrecker had been Jhope since 1 month into the Army fandom.

♡Find Me In Wattpad @closetofmaknae:

♡Instagram Account:

I do not own any of the characters in the story except for the characters with no All videos and musics goes to their rightful owner (in youtube) in this All pictures goes to Google and Picsart and again, I do not own any of Story plot is mine so strictly DO NOT COPY⚠⚠
All copyrights reserved

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