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Abandoned Railway Carts - Mystery tapes from a disused comms room

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Recovering the last recordings from a machine decommissioned decades ago.

In this video I’m attempting to find out what’s on a set of tape cartridges discovered in a disused comms room at a railway station.

The video follows the process through, from figuring out the most likely tape track layout, to transferring the tapes and ultimately playing them back.

00:00 Background
02:32 A look at the carts
04:41 A NAB cart
05:25 DJ Jingles
06:44 The Ansafone machine
07:27 Choosing a suitable tape player
09:28 Re-spooling & recording
12:11 Analysis
13:40 Round up
14:48 Credits

Q) Why not view the track layout on the tape with the 3M Magnetic Tape Viewer
A) Initially the thought never entered my mind as I was confident I'd correctly guessed the track layout, then later after the playback I remembered I had the 3M Viewer - so had a look, but the recording was so quiet it barely registered and the results were inconclusive.

Q) Hold on a minute - 0203 Area code wasn't launched until 2003
A) Nope - 0203 Was the code for Coventry until 1995 - see



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