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Adam Wong's last will is read | Love Thy Woman Recap (With Eng Subs)

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Love Thy Woman: Week 14 Recap - Part 1
Love Thy Woman: August 3, 4 & 5, 2020 Episodes

The authorities begin to suspect Lucy (Eula Valdez) as their investigation on Adam's (Christopher de Leon) death slowly unmasks her true colors. Not long after, a piece of evidence surfaces and heightens Simon's (Dominic Ochoa) inkling about the Wong matriarch. Meanwhile, a still mourning Jia (Kim Chiu) tries to stay strong as she heeds Kai's (Sunshine Cruz) advice to ensure Michael's (JJ Quilantang) safety amid their family's dire situation.

Simon and his collegues conduct a search at Dragon Empire after receiving an anonymous tip regarding Adam's case. At the same time, Lucy is caught off-guard when the murder weapon ends up in her office, forcing her to keep it under wraps. Meanwhile, Jia gets invited to the reading of Adam's last will and testament. Imprisoned, hope dims for Kai as Lucy files criminal charges against her.

Lucy and Dana bristle with rage over Adam's unfair division of inheritance. To make matters worse, Lucy learns of her late husband's alleged affair with Amanda (Ruffa Gutierrez). The Del Mundo matriarch, on the other hand, tries to forge a good relationship with Jia before basking in her newfound wealth. Meanwhile, Manny (Mari Kaimo) begins to unravel Gab's (Karl Gabriel) secret. (With English Subtitles)

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Recap Cast:
Christopher de Leon (Adam Wong) / Eula Valdes (Lucy Wong) / Sunshine Cruz (Kai Estrella) / Ruffa Gutierrez (Amanda Del Mundo) / Zsa Zsa Padilla (Helen) / Kim Chiu (Jia Wong) / Yam Concepcion (Dana Wong) / Xian Lim (David Chao) / Karl Gabriel (Gab Del Mundo) / Mari Kaimo (Manny) / JJ QUilantang (Michael Wong-Chao)

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