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Andrews stands firm on hotel quarantine statements

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Premier Daniel Andrews has refused to provide further details about his involvement with the offer of ADF assistance for Victoria’s hotel quarantine system.

Evidence presented at the inquiry into the botched quarantine scheme on Tuesday revealed a series of emails between Philip Gaetjens and Mr Andrews’ departmental secretary Chris Eckels discussing the offer of ADF assistance.

Mr Andrews, however, stood firm on his answer that it was not the case he refused the assistance of hundreds of ADF personnel.

“All can I can say is the statements I've made are accurate … I stand by those statements,” he said.

“That's entirely a matter that relates to a whole lot of detail both within the email and beyond that, it's not appropriate for me to get into.

“I'm focused on getting these numbers down and then being able to open up and stay open. I simply can't be drawn in on those sorts of matters.”

Image: News Corp Australia

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