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Apex Legends Patch Notes Release Date! Triple Take in Care Package? Apex Mobile & Map Changes!

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Apex Legends Patch Notes Release Date! Triple Take in Care Package, Apex Mobile & Map Changes!

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Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today we have a bunch of little things to go over (at the beginning) as well as some big teasers to cover which we will be talking about towards the end!

We also got some more information on the release date for the Season 9 Patch notes which are scheduled to be announced on April 28th, however despite this news coming from a developer the date is still subject to change.

Apex Legends also posted a bunch of teasers on their instagram page that showcased the next legend Valk, as well as some map changes that we might be getting for Worlds Edge as well as Olympus.

Apex Instagram:

At the end of the video I discuss Valk's datamined abilities as well as the next weapon supposively going into the care package in Season 9. According to HumanSAS_ the Triple Take will be a care package weapon and the peace keeper will be coming back as ground loot!


00:00 Intro
00:14 Glytch Energy!
00:29 Big news for Xbox players
01:00 Apex Engineer Blog
01:41 Apex Legends Mobile Announcement
03:12 Respawn fixing exploits
04:00 Season 9 Launch Trailer
04:34 Patch Notes Release Date
05:01 Apex map changes teaser
07:07 Valk ability teasers
07:55 Valk datamined abilities
08:44 Triple Take in Care Package

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