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Backcountry camping with some friends before everyone leave for the summer - Van life in BC

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Today, I am meeting with my friends in backcountry of British Columbia for some camping and campfire cooking before everyone leave for their summer road trip. #vanlife

Contact me: emi@

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Inside my van and gears I use every day
Jackery 240w:
Jackery 1000w:
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Hi my name is Emi. My van life story starts in September 2018. After a long-term relationship that I was trying for more than a year to rebuild, I decided it was time to end this toxic relationship one for all. This is where I decided to move away from this man that I was still in love with. I put all my owning inside my SUV (GMC Jimmy) and moved six hours from where I was living. I didn’t know where I will sleep, didn’t know where I will work but I knew I needed to make a drastic move. At that time, I told myself I will only sleep in my car for a month while looking for a place to rent. What I didn’t know is that one month became another month and another month. In the end, I end up sleeping in my car for a full year. Even if people will consider this the lowers time of my life, this experience was the best thing I couldn’t have done with my life. I took that year to focus on myself, decide what I wanted, and most importantly what I didn’t want. That year made me also realize that for so long, I was chasing the wrong dreams. I was chasing what society wanted me to be: to have a big house, a steady job, kids, get married… None of those dreams was making me happy. In September 2019, while I was actively looking for a van, I received a phone call that someone had found my cat (Kelly). After, trying for hours with no success to communicate with my ex-boyfriend (who was taking care of her), I decided to drive the six hours to go pick her up. Without going into too much detail, it turns out he wasn’t able to take care of her anymore. So I brought her in a cat kennel for a couple of days until I found a van we both could live in. I put all the saving that I had accumulated while living in my car and bought my van (a 2011 Ford Econoline that I end up adding a hightop) In the beginning, It wasn’t so glamour. My cat and I were sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the van. We both had to adjust. Now, my cat loves this lifestyle as much as I do; she looks at the window while I’m driving and she loves exploring new places. Since then, my cat Kelly and I are living full-time in my self convert van.

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