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Battle for Hel: Ghost Bear vs Free Rasalhague Republic | Clan Invasion Battle Report

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SPECIAL THANKS to our Veteran Patrons! This Battle Report was brought to you by the winner of our first Veteran Challenge, Jan "Hayden" Juklíček! Will the FRR and their mercenary allies be able to fend off the vicious Clan Ghost Bear?

Recently, the Eridani Light Horse acquired a contract with Scandia Mining Conglomerate to protect their operation in the Helheim system. One of the largest mining operations lies on the inhospitable moon of a moon also defended by the 5th DrakØns.

But this otherwise backwater moon now lies directly in the invasion path of Clan Ghost Bear, and the forces of the Free Rasalhauge Republic scramble defend the mining facilities at Echo-90.

Now, the Clan forces advance towards the Inner Sphere battle line and, as dusk falls, a massive blizzard approaches from the south. Unable to escape off-world, the Eridani and DrakØns must overcome the clan warriors or perish forever in the storm.
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