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Breaking Bad: 5 Times Walter White Was The Hero & 5 Times He Was The Villain

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The upcoming release of the new Breaking Bad movie has all of us reminiscing about what is undoubtedly one of the best shows of all time. And even though it has been confirmed that Walt is gone, and gone for good, we’re still not over some of the ways that he impacted us all over the five seasons of the show. And yet, it’s still hard to decide whether Walt is a hero or a villain! It’s such a complicated and complex show that he isn’t definable as either of the two, but more a mix of both. But here we’ve taken a look at some of the times that Walt was the hero of the story, and a few in which he was actually the worst.
Like the time that he stood and watched as Jane passed away, when he totally could have done something to save her, that was a pretty villainous moment. But then again, he did help Jesse get clean after it all went down, which flips it the other way. There was the horrible aftermath of what happened to Drew Sharp, but then the way he has always fiercely protected his son. What he did to Mike was unforgivable and totally unnecessary, but when he saved Jesse from getting involved in a dangerous feud he was kind of the good guy! All of these polarizing moments and more will forever have us flipping back and forth between whether Walter White was a bad guy, or a good guy gone wrong!

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