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Ever wondered what life looks like on the other side of quitting your job to sail around the World? We did too. And then, we took the plunge.

Welcome to our channel, where we tell the stories of our sailing voyage, from zero experience to full-time cruising!

We are Ryan and Sophie, an American guy and a French girl who met in Sweden, on a cold night of March 2015. Shortly thereafter, we decided to leave our corporate jobs to live a big sailing adventure around the World together.

We had no experience of sailing at all before we started, and had honestly no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Turns out, with a bit of willpower and work, anything goes. The dream came true on June 5th of 2018, when we finally got to set sail from our home port in Stockholm.

Don't forget to subscribe (it helps us a lot ;)) and check out our website at for more sailing-related photos and articles!

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