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completely transforming my room on my own (diy and low budget)

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Hey Guys! What’s up?
i hope you guys liked this video. i am the person that likes doing it all at once especially when it comes to this stuff but the pandemic has made things difficult for everyone, and that is why i decided to do my best and try transforming my room. i have planned this for 5 months and i am glad to finally do it.

follow @thesquareprints on Instagram so that you guys can get your pictures printed as well:)

places to find me:
Instagram: @zoyabbas
Snapchat: @zoyabbas
Twitter: @ohyeahzoya
Tumblr: @zoyabbas
Tik Tok: @zoyaabbas
Spotify: Zoya Abbas

For business inquiries:
(Please try to stick to business inquiries only)

What camera do I use?
Canon 200D

What Editing software do I use?
Final Cut Pro

Keep spreading love, keep spreading positivity.
Love, Zoya.

All the music used is royalty-free.
This is not a sponsored video.


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