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Covid update: China allows Indians to return; Bill Gates on vaccine

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From China allowing Indians to return to another Uttar Pradesh minister reportedly testing positive - here are the top news updates on the Covid-19 pandemic. Around 150 Indians including diplomats' kin, bank staff, etc will return to China on August 6. Beijing hadn't allowed Indians into China on a June 29 flight following which hectic talks took place. China will allow those who get tested within five days of journey and get health form endorsed. Bill Gates said that the US must have a global approach on vaccines and not just 'take care of ourselves'. Meanwhile, China, which claims Taiwan as a part of its territory, has said that US must end Taiwan ties to avoid damage to Washington-Beijing ties. As per Reuters calculations, one person is dying every 15 seconds due to Covid. As per the past two weeks' data, nearly 5,900 Covid-related deaths happened every 24 hours. In UP, minister Brajesh Pathak was reportedly found infected on August 5, while another state minister Kamal Rani Varun had recently died due to Covid infection. Watch the full video for more.

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