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Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations Case #16 - This American Death FULL CASE

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PitchingAce88's Livestream Rules

1) Do not post spoilers, leaks or theories of chapters or cases that Ace has not played yet.
For example: "Character A dies in the next case", "I think Character B is the killer"

2) Don't backseat moderate.
Backseat moderating means trying to do a mod's job when you are not a mod. Feedback is appreciated, but the moderators are able to
handle the chat on their own. Enjoy the stream instead!

3) Please keep it PG.
Don't cuss in the chat or discuss topics that are not PG, we have young users that watch the streams so we would like to keep it
family friendly :)

4) Don't self promote in the chat.
Please don't try to promote your own content in the chat by posting links to it or asking people to go to it.

5) Don't promote other YouTube channels in the chat.
Please don't try to promote other YouTube channels in the chat, such as other channels that make Criminal Case content.

6) Don't be rude.
Please treat everyone in the chat with love and respect, even if you may not necessarily agree with them. Don't treat users
differently based on age/gender/race/sexuality, we want the chat to be a fun place for people to interact with each other and Ace
while being inclusive of everyone :)

7) Don't spam.
Please refrain from spamming in the chat, such as posting in all caps (a few words all caps is okay, but three sentences is not),
don't use too many emotes or post a lot of messages quickly.

8) Please speak English in the chat.
It's alright to include phrases or words from other languages in a message when appropriate, but please make sure that messages are
written mostly or entirely in English.

9) Please don't share personal information in the chat.
This is for the safety of our users - you never know who is watching or what they can do with your information, so please refrain
from sharing personal information (such as phone numbers, home addresses etc.)

Thank you for joining us in the livestream! We hope you come join us in the chat, enjoy the stream and have a blast! :)
- The Staff


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