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Design Life: Retro Ranch Reno: The Ranch Reveal: Guest + Bunk Rooms (Ep. 61)

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It's not easy being green (lime green!), so we gave the two main floor bedrooms at the Retro Ranch Reno the ultimate cozy and contemporary transformations. Our exclusive makeover reveal tour continues, and today in Sarah Richardson's Design Life, you're about to see how the Bunk Room went from tiny to terrific, and the Guest Bedroom, from boring to beautiful! And the best part? We didn't have to spend a lot to achieve a lot. I'm showing you how to DIY innovative and stunning design solutions for your bedrooms without spending a fortune. Fancy a stylish plinth bed base? Space-saving bunk beds? A fun feature wall made from inexpensive slotwall? How about a one-of-a-kind headboard made from bed slats? You gotta see it to believe it. #sarahrichardson #designlife #retroranchreno

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You love interior design, right? Me too!! I’m always renovating, building and designing lots of projects all at once, and now I’m sharing them with you in my brand new Design Life video series. It’s REAL LIFE, REAL DESIGN - a brand new as-it-happens series and it’s only on my YouTube channel. You can watch ANY TIME, from ANYWHERE in the world, and you can vote, weigh in, and be a part of the action as it all unfolds! So what are you waiting for?! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss a thing!

About Sarah Richardson
An award-winning designer and television personality Sarah Richardson is the host and co-producer of eight HGTV lifestyle series which are seen in over 100 countries. Sarah’s practical and inspiring approach to design teaches viewers how to turn ordinary spaces into magazine-worthy rooms! Pick up for her bestselling books: Sarah Style and At Home: Sarah Style (Simon & Schuster) at your local book retailer, and catch her on HGTV or right here on YouTube as she documents are daily Design Life and brings viewers along for the ride!

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