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Don Eladio and Hector Salamanca Spare Gus Fring's Life - S4 E8 Clip #BreakingBad

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As Hank (Dean Norris) produces evidence that Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) is Albuquerque’s meth kingpin, Walt (Bryan Cranston) worries that both he and Jesse (Aaron Paul) are going to be killed to protect their boss. Meanwhile, after refusing the Mexican cartel’s demand to stop his drug trade, Gus returns to his roots as he fights back.

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Season Four - Episode Eight: "Hermanos"

Episode Desciption:
Hank (Dean Norris) amps up his investigation into the identity of Albuquerque's meth kingpin, while Saul (Bob Odenkirk) helps Jesse (Aaron Paul) with a project. Meanwhile, Walt (Bryan Cranston) gets an update on his health.

Episode Overview:
As the ripple effect spreads from the attempt on Hank’s life, Gus remains cool when Albuquerque PD Detective Tim Roberts, Hank and his former colleagues at the DEA question him about Gale Boetticher’s murder. Pressed as to how his fingerprints came to be found in the dead man’s apartment, Gus explains that he recently visited Gale, who was the recipient of a college scholarship he endowed at the University of New Mexico. While Roberts and the DEA agents are satisfied with his alibi, Hank isn’t so sure, especially after questions arise regarding Gus’s whereabouts prior to his emigrating to Mexico from Peru in 1986. Meanwhile, following one of Saul’s regular visits to give Andrea some money, Jesse decides to call on his former girlfriend and their son himself.

As Walt continues making Skyler squirm with efforts to launder his enormous drug proceeds, Hank pretends that the Boetticher investigation has reached a dead end while enlisting Walt to follow Gus. Though Walt tries alerting him to Hank’s plan to place a tracking device on his car, Gus insists that he go ahead and do it. While struggling to convince Gus that he wants to protect him from the police, a panicky Walt drops in unannounced to demand that Jesse find a way to get close enough to Gus to poison him. But while Jesse insists that he hasn’t been in touch with Gus since recovering the hijacked meth, a clandestine look at his cell phone tells Walt that Jesse is lying, leaving him worried that his unpredictable partner will sell him out to save himself.

With Walt and Jesse in the lab, Mike tells Gus that the DEA isn’t interested in him as a suspect and that the tracking device Walt planted on his car was solely Hank’s idea. So, after Mike tells him not to worry about Hank’s homegrown investigation, Gus returns to the nursing home to see Tio who, along with the late drug lord Juan Bolsa, was once a henchman of Don Eladio, a cartel boss whom Gus and his former partner, Max, had hoped to work for back in 1989. But because Don Eladio ordered Tio to kill Max as a warning to steer clear of the drug business, revenge drove Gus to become a competitor that the cartel now wants dead.

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