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Drag queen reaction: BLACKPINK- KILL THIS LOVE M/V

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You asked for it, so here is my THIRD reaction video and I chose BLACK PINK again! They're ????????????! Thank you for all the supportive and kind comments, we're all here to learn, have fun and respect each other! Love and kindness always! You're all beautiful! I have a question for BLINKS in the end of the video, tell me what you think about my idea and which member you wanna see first!

Please keep suggesting more Black Pink videos or other kpop groups! I will react to those that get multiple suggestions or the ones that sound more interesting. I have limited time to make videos. I wish I could react to all of them for you but I will do my best to keep reacting to what you suggest, I am reading the comments! And PLEASE, watch my other videos/content and help this queen pay for her wigs! ????????????
I create all this content FOR YOU! ????????????

Please respect each other in the comment section. My channel is a place of inclusivity and friendliness. ????
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