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[Ep 11] New Novgorod: From Russia With Love - Lithuanian Legacy - EU4 Let's Play

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We are at war with Muscovy in an attempt to release Novgorod. Fighting through the Russian woods, we seek to complete a mission and gain a restoration of union casus belli on our Eastern neighbour.

Welcome to a brand new EU4 Let's Play campaign for 2020. Beginning as Lithuania, we find ourselves at a convergence point of the Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox worlds. We are surrounded by strong powers who will be our rivals - the Ottomans to the South, Austria and Bohemia repping the HRE to the West, Poland a potential ally, and the Russians, Muscovy and Novgorod, to the East. During this series we will need to grow Lithuania, engaging in dynastic shenanigans for personal unions and to secure alliances.

We will take vassals, grow them and integrate them into our burgeoning Empire. We will tech up, and maybe even we can into space, as we work through the missions on our tree - and maybe one or two other trees as well, if we form new nations.

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