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Godfather Themed Hotel Suite in Dubai. ????????

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I stayed in a Godfather themed hotel suite in a Hollywood themed hotel in Dubai.

I enjoy hotels that have a theme. It reminds me of Las Vegas where everything is geared towards fun. Unfortunately you just don't find many theme hotels in other parts of the world.

Paramount Hotel opened recently and I wanted to check it out. Their standard rooms looked very cool with Hollywood touches such as stage lighting for a lamp and a mirror with lights around it like you'd find in a movie set dressing room.

However as I browsed their more expensive rooms, one of the suites really interested me. They call it the Don Corleone Suite as they've given it a Godfather theme. It was about 4 times more expensive than their standard rooms but I booked it for only 1 night just to get the experience.

I was very impressed with the suite. It looks incredibly elegant but at the same time it's extremely comfortable. Two things that often don't go together.

It's decorated in a 1940's style. That is, furnishings that a very rich person would have in the 1940's. We all know that Vito Corleone wasn't short of money. There's beautiful leather everywhere and everything looks immaculate and brand new.

In fact everything in the hotel is like that. Because it is - brand new. I was comparing it to that Al Wadi Desert hotel where I was paying for ultra luxury but the rugs were stained and the wooden floor was worn and scratched. When everything is flawless you feel much better about your decision to splurge on an expensive hotel room.

Outside of the hotel room, what I didn't like was that it seems to be geared towards a party crowd. The main swimming pool hosts brunches on Fridays and Saturdays so it's just packed with drunk people and loud music. Completely not my scene.

The only restaurant that was open between lunch time and dinner time featured a live singer that was uncomfortably loud. So I ended up just eating in my room from the in-room dining. Thankfully their Wagyu burger was amazing and it's much easier and less embarrassing to eat while vlogging in a quiet and private space.

The only thing I did outside my room was use the family pool that I think actually belongs to the adjacent condominium buildings and the hotel gym, which is huge and has the latest and greatest equipment. Unfortunately they close it between 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm for disinfection. How utterly inconvenient is that? Can't the 'rona be destroyed after midnight or something?

I think the Don Corleone Suite was worth staying in for 1 night but their standard hotel rooms at 1/4 the price would be better for longer stays. The suites don't seem to be very popular which is good if you want check in early and check out late. I could see from their website that my suite wasn't booked on the day of my departure so I was sure I'd be able to bag a free late check out and I did just that.

00:00 Paramount Hotel
02:00 Living Room Tour
13:30 Yer Man's Mini-Bar
17:38 Bathroom & Bedroom Tour
25:32 Agoda Issues
27:43 Restaurant Hunt
33:50 Wagyu Burger
43:54 Swimming Pool
46:44 Small Gym
49:33 Big Gym
57:00 Melrose Club

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