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Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel || Vietnam

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Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel

A hotel in Hanoi promises tourists a 'golden' luxurious experience

With the global pandemic looming over us, pretty sure all of us are missing going on a vacation. Whether it is with our families, that special someone or a solo trip, getting out of our mundane lives, and hitting a beach or a nice hill station.

However, all our little or long vacation plans have been thwarted, thanks to COVID-19 that is rampantly spreading all over the world. With the number of active cases rising every day, outdoor activities were halted for an indefinite period of time.

In order to take precautions, social distancing and masks have been made compulsory. Along with that, it is strongly advised to stay at home and only step out for important errands.

While that happens, what all of us can do some dream about any particular place that we could go to after the pandemic ends. It could be a nice beach, a hill station, a bustling city, etc. Any country that has been in your bucket list, that can be fulfilled after the virus scare ends.

It could be placed within India, Europe, Australia, South East Asia.

Well, if you are really looking, this interesting hotel based in Vietnam might interest you a bit.

Situated in Hanoi, the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel is truly one of a kind. What makes this hotel stand out is the fact that all of its interiors have been coated with gold. Yes, it is all covered with the precious metal.

Right from the bathroom to the tiles of the swimming pool, all of it is covered with 24-karat gold. Each room costs US $ 250 (around Rs 18,661)

At this moment, there is a hotel like this in the world, in which the outer walls are covered with gold-plated bricks. The interior of the building includes bathrooms with gilded sinks and toilets. So, this is the most spectacular, unique and lavish hotels in the world, “Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of the company, Hoa Binh Group, which owns the hotel, spoke to Reuters.

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