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Hate Is A Virus Cofounder Michelle K Hanabusa on Facing Racism Growing Up

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CONVICTS has partnered up with the amazing organization Some Neat Place to produce this interview series called TRUTH AGAINST HATE. In this series, we hear stories from our Asian American friends and collaborators about the racism they’ve faced.

We created TRUTH AGAINST HATE in response to the recent and vile surge in hate directed towards the Asian American community. By sharing their pain, our collaborators are paving the way for a world defined by love and unity.

Listen to Michelle's story and tell us that isn’t a world worth fighting for. If Michelle's story moved you, we'd love for you to send us a short video message, expressing your support or sharing your own experiences. We’re going to stitch these stories together into a film that supports and exists in solidarity for the Asian American community.

If that's something you're into, please send your story to: endracism@

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