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Hotel quarantine catastrophe ‘clearly’ led Victoria to this point: Sukkar

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Most Victorians understand that it’s not just bad luck that has led to Victoria being the only state in Australia to be in this position, according to Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar.

“The statistics speak for themselves, when you’ve got Victoria that has overwhelming nearly every single coronavirus case in this country,” Mr Sukkar told Sky News.

“And you accept that it can’t just be bad luck.

“I think naturally you ask the question as to what the failures have been and what have been the local decision-making issues that have led us to this position.

“Clearly the hotel quarantine catastrophe has led us to this point.”

Mr Sukkar also spoke of the devastation he hears daily from people in his Victorian electorate.

“I’m frustrated and my heart breaks for people that I have calling my office on a daily basis explaining to me that businesses they’ve spent decades building up are now probably gone.”

Victoria again recorded a massive day of new COVID-19 cases, and eight deaths.

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