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Hotel quarantine disaster 'the greatest public administration failure in our history'

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Liberal MP Tim Smith says Victorians are waking under stage four restrictions today as a direct result of “the greatest failure in public administration in the nation’s history”.

“People are genuinely concerned, scared and a lot of people are very angry too because they know that this second wave hasn’t been caused by the failures of the Victorian people to adhere to various rules,” he said.

“This has been caused by the inability of the Andrews Labor government to manage hotel quarantine and then to appropriately contact trace the thousands of new cases.

“They’ve lost control of it… this is a complete outrage.”

Stage four restrictions have also delayed an inquiry into Victoria's hotel quarantine program, which was due to call its first witnesses to the stand today.

Premier Daniel Andrews has for weeks avoided questions over the botched program, pointing to the fact there was an inquiry underway and he didn’t want to prejudice that.

However, Chairperson Jennifer Coate yesterday said there was nothing prohibiting government ministers or the Premier from answering journalists’ questions about the program.

Mr Smith said “they can’t hid behind this enquiry any longer, they’re going to have to answer the question”.

“And I tell you, if I hear another journalist say now’s not the time to hold this government to account and we need to wait, I might scream because people are furious, people are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, people are dying because of this disaster and we want some answers and we want this now,” he said.

Mr Smith said “everything [the Andrews government] has touched has frankly turned to disaster”.

“I’ve got no confidence in Daniel Andrews and Jenny Mikakos to get us through this," he said.

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