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How to Make a Vacuum Forming Machine | The Smugglers Room

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How to Make a Vacuum Forming Machine?? Yep, a tall order, a complex build, and so many different ways you can go about this. With a project this size there is no way we could show every single step in one episode, but we do our best. Below you will also find links to building your own Vacuum Former Machine!

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Ronnie Kennedy for helping in procuring a used Vaccum Pump for the project!

Special thanks goes out to Rusty Shaw, from Lubbock Skylight Co. to purchase 4 x 8 sheets of ABS plastic. For allowing me to test our vacuum former at his Skylight facility, and heating the sheets of ABS plastic in their enormous overhead oven.

Build your own vacuum forming machine! Follow the link below to TK560 discussion board for Prop Making, Vacuum Forming and Fan Films

A wealth of information to building your own vacuum table.

VOLTAGE DANGER!! - Please remember to consult an electrician before wiring any voltage seen in our episode. Professional help is always advised when working with any high voltage.

Specialty Purchased Items: (Please note that some of these contain affiliate links that will not cost you extra money, but will help support the channel. We thank you in advance for using them!)

Inline PVC Check Valve

Nichrome heating wire AWG 22, 10ft pre-coiled wire

240V CONTACTOR 40 amp 2 pole with120V AC coil

6” Junction Box

Homeline 70 Amp 2-Space 4-Circuit Outdoor Main Lug Load Center

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