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HOW TO WIN DAWN FRONT as Dawn Wings or Night Order - LOVE NIKKI

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[自戀公主]-Feel Like Princess
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➳ Chika Clip Credit: Loliconics

????EVENT INFO ????
[Dawn Front] - [Daybreak War]. opening soon!⚔️
TWO sides [Dawn Wings]&[Night Order]! Who will you fight for?
Chose the Chief Commanders you want to assist, and Join in the battle to win tokens to exchange the suits you like.
????Two NEW suits, [Willow and Swallow] and [Bamboo Breeze],
⚔️[Willow and Swallow] includes a movable part [Drooping Leaves].
⚔️[Bamboo Breeze] includes a movable part [Fragrance of Pouring Tea], and special poses.
-Time:01-11 05:00:00 — 01-21 23:59:59(UTC-8)
#lovenikkidressupqueen #lovenikki #dawnfront

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