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I Don't Speak Her Language, Here's How Our First Date Went

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I Don't Speak Her Language, Here's How Our First Date Went ????
Thanks to Babbel for helping me learn Spanish ????. For everyone trying to learn a new language, check out Babbel and get 50% off!:

Today, it's a Sheldon date video! And it's a blind date! He's going to go on his first date post quarantine or dating while social distancing. This is gonna be his first date in a while so give him any first date advice you guys have for date night!

???? SONGS
maybe blue x pazu - POOLSIDE (Music Video)

THENWHEN - Love me Later

Jason Chen - Anywhere



It's a semi-follow up to our Youtuber Goes on a Blind Date with a Subscriber Video, so it won't be his first date. It's not a speed dating or blind date prank either. He's also gonna be learning Spanish for this date since he told her he was fluent in Spanish! So let's see how his date goes with a latina girl and if he'll learn the date language of Spanish in time (espanol)! Give him your dating advice!

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