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I LOST my SWIMSUIT on a date at the Water Park

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Hey everybody. My name’s Kira and my story is about a shame. I somehow wanted to share this shameful story how my swimsuit was swept away by the waves when a lot of people saw it.
It all started quite well. My text-boyfriend offered a date in real life and for some reason, he chose a Water Park instead of a typical café. I found out later that guys do this on purpose – the price is about the same as restaurants, but there are a lot of advantages, starting from the somewhat original idea and ending with the ability to evaluate the appearance of the partner from all the sides.
Well, I had nothing to be ashamed of. I would even say, he was the one took all the risks. Because I had 11 years of professional dancing, Yes. In my 17, I was just at the peak of my shape, especially in a swimsuit. Well, I was used to undressing in front of strangers. Do you know what changing rooms for dancers look like? I'll tell you sometime, maybe check it out yourself.

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