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I make my bed every morning. Even in a hotel. This is why.

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Last week in LA, my daughter walked out of the bathroom in our hotel room and couldn’t believe I was making the bed at a hotel the morning we were checking out.

You, like my daughter, are probably thinking “Why on earth would you do that?” Allow me to explain…

I have the same simple morning routine I stick to every day. I get up when the alarm rings, I get moving, I get my exercise clothes on, I move my body, I do a brain dump in my journal, and I MAKE MY BED.

So in order to keep the promise I made to myself to complete my morning routine EVERY morning, I made the bed in our hotel room. I did it as a GIFT to MYSELF.

The key to changing your life is changing your daily habits. In order to make big changes, you have to start small.

If you don’t have a morning routine yet, this video will show you WHY it’s so important to have one and HOW to get started.

What’s one part of your morning routine you never skip?


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