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Indian famous cricketer Ravindra Jadeja Lifestyle,family wife,girlfriend,property,biography

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Title - Ravinder Jadeja Lifestyle ......

Friends, two great teams of IPL 2020 Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings are going to be held soon, in which Indian cricketer "Ravindra Jadeja" is going to be an important player of the Chennai Super Kings team, who is always there for his brilliant batting and bowling. They are known, and on the basis of this, they have made a special identity up to international level, due to which, there is no need for fame as well as wealth ..

But friends, do you know how the all-rounder "Ravindra Jadeja", who has made his mark till the international level today, owns a total wealth in real life, and what kind of lifestyle he lives.

So in this video of our day, we are going to tell you about the lifestyle and property of the player "Ravindra Jadeja", after knowing that you will not be able to believe your own words ... So let's know "Ravindra Jadeja" About the lifestyle and property of: - But before starting the video, do not forget to like our video for this all-rounder!

"Ravindra Jadeja", who started his cricketing career as an under-19 cricketer in Team India in 2005, is today known as a brilliant all-rounder of international level, who charges millions of rupees for playing his matches, where it is tested They charge Rs 7 lakh for playing the match, while their IDO charges Rs 4 lakh for the match .. Also they charge Rs 2 lakh to play the T20 match ... And this is with a brilliant cricketer Along with this is brand endorsement, which charges 7 lakh rupees to promote each brand, due to which today they have become the sole owners of about 71 crores rupees ...

Talk about their lifestyle, when they earn so much, then it is obvious that they will spend fat in their lifestyle as well… Let's start with their luxurious house, tell that this 4 story luxurious house of Gujarat K is the only owner, which is worth about 31 crores ... which has been given a traditional look .... Along with the luxurious and beautiful house, Ravindra Jadeja also spends big bucks for his own good looks. That he likes to wear branded clothes, in which you will see from branded t-shirt to blazer ... which costs around 80 thousand, along with branded dress, "Ravindra Jadeja" carries a very expansive watch. , Which seems to enhance their looks even more .... Along with this, Ravindra Jadeja also loves to carry footwear, which will give you a collection of many branded shoes like Gucci, now finally Let's talk about the car collection of the player "Ravindra Jadeja", who has a BMW X6 sports car ... which is worth one crore rupees, besides "Ravindra J Déjà "also has an Audi Q7 car, which costs around 85 lakh rupees ...!

If we talk about his personal life, then "Ravindra Jadeja" settled in 2016 with "Rewa Solanki" ... so today he has a lovely daughter, who is named "Nidhayana" ... With this small family, enjoy a luxurious life in a luxurious house in Gujarat ...!

Friends, how did you like knowing about the lifestyle and property of the player "Ravindra Jadeja" ... You must tell us your comments by commenting in the comment box and also to see more such interesting news related to the cricket world, you can see our channel Do not forget to subscribe!

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