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It’s clear Daniel Andrews will not be ‘taking the fall’ for hotel quarantine

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Sky News host Paul Murray says it has now become abundantly clear who will be the fall person for Melbourne’s hotel quarantine debacle and “it’s not going to be Daniel Andrews”.

Mr Murray said despite Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ consistent claims that he will be held “ultimately responsible,” it’s now obvious the Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp will instead be held to account for the bungle.

All other states in the country used either police or the Australian Defence Force – or in some cases both – to guard their hotel quarantine facilities.

However, Victoria opted to instead employ a private security company for the job, a move widely considered to be a major factor in the virus escaping the facilities causing the city’s second wave.

It has emerged from the COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry that Mr Crisp was the one who made the final decision regarding the use of a security firm.

“So he (Daniel Andrews) could have overruled anyone who made any decision anywhere to make sure hotel quarantine worked, but because there was some very good money for some very well-connected security firms, well ‘we don’t want to get in the way’,” Mr Murray said.

“The emergency management commissioner could never be overruled, but the chief medical officer could be overruled, the police commissioner could be overruled.”

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