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Langhorne Slim - Dreams

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From the album Strawberry Mansion (January 29th, 2021)
Listen and order the new album here:

Recorded for World Cafe / NPR Music
Video by Joel Sadler
Written by Langhorne Slim

There’s more to this madness than smiles and sadness
There’s more to the dance than who you can take
Music is playing, bodies are swaying
But the song’s all wrong and we’ve made a mistake

The dreams they sell
I don’t believe
What they don’t tell
It’s only a dream if we stay asleep

All is in motion just look at the ocean
But there’s slights of hands and tricks up the sleeves
There was a time we looked up at the sky
Now we stare down toward the dirt at our feet


There’s infinite beauty, I let it pass through me
Now my eyes are open, I’m ready my Lord
I got so tired, I nearly expired
But I ain’t got time to be tired no more


There’s more to this madness than smiles and sadness
Than what we collect while our tails are in chase
From the beginning we’re dreaming of winning
But life it ain’t living until we’re awake

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