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Magpakailanman: My incredible May-December love affair | Full Episode

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A hardworking vegetable vendor, Eloisa (Gina Pareño) saw a friend in Renato (Jay Manalo) when the two of them met at the public market. While the former saw the latter as just her good friend, she eventually fell in love with him even if she denied it at first. Despite the huge gap between their ages and numerous judgments from the people around them, how will they prove that love knows no age?

Watch episodes of 'Magpakailanman' every Saturday evening on GMA Network, hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco. This episode, "May Forever si Lola: The Renato Payos and Eloisa Gonzales Love Story," features celebrity guests Gina Pareño, Jay Manalo, Mel Kimura, Aira Bermudez, Hannah Precillas, and Tonio Quiazon. #Magpakailanman #MPKFullEpisode
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