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Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 update as of August 2020

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As the National Capital Region reverts its status back to MECQ let us check the current progress of the #MetroManilaSkywayStage3 by #SMCInfrastructure We could see that the linking of the main line coming near. There was a press release that #SkywayStage3 main line will be open to motorists on November 2020. The remaining critical portions that would link the entire main line of this project can be found on Section 2A, the damaged portion of Section 2B, Section 4 and Section 5.

2:43 - Section 1 Gil Puyat toll plaza A and B status
4:24 - Plaza Dilao Section 2A
5:43 - Finally the girders installed on Span 11 to 13 Section 2A
6:40 - Nagtahan Rampway project
7:50 - Section 2A Doubledeck along Paco Sta Mesa Road
9:55 - Section 2B Status of damaged portion on SMYP Yamamura (Container Yard)
12:20 - Section 2B Span 49 pouring complete and Sevilla bridge restoration
15:33 - Section 3 on ramp status
16:09 - Off ramp in front of INC and relocation of utilities
16:49 - On and Off ramp before Quezon Avenue status
19:16 - Doubledeck status on Section 4
22:06 - Section 4 progress on the girder installation and steel box girder installation
23:45 - Revisiting the A Bonifacio Avenue Section 4
24:16 - A Bonifacio Avenue Section 5 girder installation before Balintawak Interchange
25:02 - A close look of Section 5 Span 8
28:22 - Eternal Gardens portion along NLEX and checking the columns installed (Balintawak 3 Extension)

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