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Monday Stimulus Update | $1,200 Stimulus Check & HEALS Act 8-3

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We should expect to see something get passed this week and some more news on our next stimulus checks.

Stick through the whole video if you want all the latest updates fo the past weekend.

Republicans are upping the necessity on liability protection in their negotiations.

What exactly is this?

An easy way to explain this is if anyone contracts the virus at a business they would not be able to sue or hold that business liable.

I one instance liability protection may be an excuse to stall further negotiations but on the other hand, this would be a critical benefit that our country needs in order to reopen more businesses and get jobs back to the people.

This has been just as important as the unemployment boost benefit and stimulus check but it looks like Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is really emphasizing the importance of liability protection as an essential to the bill.

The pressure is building for a necessary outcome for 2 things:

1. enhanced unemployment benefits as they expired for 30 million workers this past Friday
2. A moratorium on evictions

Democrats and Republicans are still at a stalemate with negotiations and President trump is flexing his options for an executive order.

This would not be the first time Trump used his powers of an executive order.

If you check the site Federal []() you will be able to find all the executive orders for the public record that we've had in the past.

So far while Trump has been in office he has placed 169 executive orders and this allows him to use his authority as President to close agreements between our parties if no decision can be made.

Executive orders issued by Presidents of the United States to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage operations within the community.

Knowing this my question for you would be, could the president pass the next stimulus package today through executive order successfully if he wanted too?

Let me know if you think this could ever happen down below.

Now our politicians are doing what they have been doing for weeks. They are pointing the finger at one another putting the blame on each other and not coming to progress.

We NEED our lawmakers to vote and pass something ANYTHING on the unemployment benefit assistance till the end of the year.

UI, Stimulus is what the people need to survive the rest of the year and that is the minimum that our country should be providing for us.

#StimulusCheckUpdate #StimulusUpdate #Stimulus


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