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My pregnancy journey | COVID in pregnancy | first time mom | life of sana & hussain |

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I am Dr. Sana Hussain , surgery trainee in AKUH .
This is my pregnancy journey .

My pregancy journey is a complete story . The start seemed quite smooth with a positive strip test , teary eyes and happy feelings .

Didn’t know I was going to experience so much during my first ever pregnancy.
Feeling the baby kick for the first time was awesome but totally bizarre. It was the time when I went to visit my husband and baby wanted us to feel him together, so he waited for complete 5 months .

Morning sickness was not only during morning hours , it was worse late evening hours , lost 4-5 kg weight . Felt like I need hospitalization and parentral nutrition , but things turned better with passing days .
I was shocked once I received my blood reports showing increased levels of thyroid hormones !
Oh God ! I was having gestational hyperthyroidism, so much depressed. Once it was over . The second trimester was quite smooth but wait , Covid 19 was around and I tested positive . Isolation , depression , symptoms , fear , all were there . I was waiting for the days to pass so I can enjoy the outside air with my lovely family .
Last trimester was quite smooth , no nausea , no vomitings , no thyroid issues or Covid 19 .
The baby bump was quite huge , feet swelling, back ache were common , the kicks were super hard now.


Start to enjoy it all! I definitely relaxed as I saw my bump growing each day. The cloud of anxiousness also lifted after I reached the magic 24 weeks stage.
Try to feel your baby , try to hold him/ her , he definitely feels your touch , your words , make him/ her your best friend .
Every pregnancy is precious. Try to enjoy that period

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