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Officers on Duty E02 | IAS Officer's Daily Work Schedule | Life of an IAS - Saumya Pandey IAS 2017

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Becoming an IAS officer is a dream for many. Lakhs of aspirants appear for the tough UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) to become an IAS officer but only a few make the cut.
So how does life change for the ones who do make the cut?
How does a day in the life of an IAS Officer typically look like? Is there a fixed daily schedule? What are the responsibilities? How is life of an IAS Officer in India?
Find out in this episode of Officers on Duty.

Civil services bring job security, which is what is believed by a large number of people in our country. For another section of people, it is believed that civil services will bring them power and will elevate their social status. And finally, there's another section of people who want to clear this prestigious competitive exam to be able to serve the needy with basic amenities, and also to be able to increase the standard of living of all citizens of the country.

This series will be a sneak-peak into the life of the Officers on Duty - what happens on a day-to-day basis, what are the challenges faced, how they are creating an impact? and so on.
Also, you will get to meet trainees and recruits who have started their training to become IAS officers. The processes and the amount of effort they have to give in after acing the exam to reach their end goal are described to the dot in these series.

The discussions and interviews with such experts will help you understand the journey from the UPSC exam to the posting of an IAS officer and what all challenges they face in this career option dreamt by all UPSC aspirants. The journey of aspirants and the strategies they have used to crack the civil services is something that we all have heard about. Now, it’s also time to watch and understand what these civil servants have to go through in order to serve the citizens of our country. Their daily routines in which they balance their family life as well as their professional life, their role as public servants, their responsibilities, and the tips to crack UPSC CSE will be shared by them, find out all about the Life of an IAS Officer and more.

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