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Our Last LCS 2021 Spring Game: TSM vs Team Liquid Semi-Finals | Legends Ep 12

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#TSMLEGENDS | After battling past 100 Thieves in the LCS 2021 Mid-Season Showdown, TSM now faced Team LIquid (TL) in the lower bracket SEMI-FINALS. With 3 teams remaining, winner would go on to play Cloud9 for MSI, while the loser would walk away with their Spring split over. Despite the rough start to the season opening Lock-In Tournament, the TSM boys had grown considerably throughout the weeks, building momentum and showing amazing tenacity in every match. Now, in a whole new environment with the whole LCS world watching, would our boys be able to rally and pull off the incredible win? Or would it be another heartbreaking series that would reveal how much they still need to grow? Follow the incredible and inspiring journey of your favorite LCS players as they fight for one epic dream: Win the split! Win at Worlds!

Top laner - Huni
Jungler - Spica
Mid laner - @PowerOfEvil
ADC - Lost
Support - SwordArt

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• VALORANT vs LEAGUE OF LEGENDS 3v5 - the mashup that started it all - with over +1 MILLION VIEWS! Ft: Bjergsen, @Doublelift​​​, @Biofrost​​​, @Broken Blade​​, Spica, @WARDELL​, @Subroza​​​, @TSM Drone​​​, Hazed, and Cutler (reltuC):

• What happens when 5 TOP Radiant VALORANT Pro Gamers face off against one of the BEST Rainbow 6 Siege Teams in the world (but only 4 of them)? You get utter FPS MADNESS! (ft @Beaulo​​, @Achieved​​, @Pojoman ​​​, @TSM_Merc​​​, @Chala ​​ and Geometrics!

• What happens when the TOP League of Legends Pro Team faces off against the BEST VALORANT TEAM in the world - BUT, this time with a TWIST: instead of a 3v5, it's only 2v5!

• Your LCS Champions are back with another fun and raw episode of "Sound Check", where we take you behind the scenes into the actual comms of our League of Legends Team on game day.

• TSM'S FIRST MUKBANG EVER, with your favorite League of Legends pros: Bjerg, DL, Bio, and TSM Leena Xu.
• Miss Episode 1 of the 2021 Season? Bjergsen's got you right here:

• CHAMPIONS! Experience how TSM became the best team in NA by defeating everybody! (Team Liquid, FlyQuest) TSM Legends S6 Episode 25

• Witness that moment when our League boys finally made it into worlds by facing off against the Spring Champs, Cloud9 - Legends S6E24
• Like Bjergsen? Take an intimate look at his personal life, his family in Denmark, and how he turned to League after being bullied. RESET: A TSM Bjergsen Story

• After playing eight seasons of competitive League of Legends, capturing six LCS Championships, winning four season MVP awards, attending Worlds five times, winning an IEM World Championship, and being selected for the All-Star event four times, our King Bjergsen will be moving onto a new role for TSM.
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