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pokemon silver but my friends hate me.

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open this btw

(pokemon red but my friends hate me.)

(pokemon but i let brands pick my team.)

(Can you beat Champion Leon with Ash Ketchum's Original Kanto Team?)

(Can You Beat Pokemon Yellow With Ash Ketchum's Original Anime Team?)

•My Wonderful Friends & Special Guests:
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Hey, Welcome back. This is the series where I take 10 of my friends, they give me some rules, and intend to make me suffer my way through a pokemon game. You guys absolutely smashed my expectations with the support on the pokemon red video and I knew I had to make this into a thing. In case you missed it though, definitely go check it out, stop right now and go watch it, and come back because the bar is definitely going to be higher with this one. I hope so at least, anyways. Whats this? Well I’ve gathered up 10 of my bestest friends and sectioned them off throughout the region of Johto, tasking them to tap into their inner creative to give me a set of rules that I must abide by and somehow manage to beat the game with. These rules can literally be anything their heart desires, and I have to carry out the task or I lose. So just like the first one, every challenge ends after the assigned leader has been beaten. So for example in this Sylvs has from the starter til I beat Falkner, and then Sylvs rules stop and Vetro’s begin. A pretty simple concept, but if you dont quite understand don’t worry, you’ll see. This time around though, I didnt really randomize the list as some people had spots they really wanted, like rich and taylor, and others I felt bad for because they got shafted in red, like Johnstone. So that pretty much clears everything up, but just before we get into the nitty gritty, I want to do a quick little FAQ for everyone that kept asking the same questions.

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