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PS5 Release Date, PS5 DEV Savage Response, COD 2020 Trailer Good News????, & MORE

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PS5 Release Date, PS5 Dev Talks on PS5 Struggling, COD 2020 Trailer Date.
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So Fortnite update might've told us the official PS5 release date. Amazon has said that PS5 release date will be November 20th, this is different from that but everything point us in the direction that PlayStation 5 release date is set in November 2020. Just like the Xbox Series X release date.

Another thing is that there has been a lot of leaks that said PS5 struggles with 4K gaming and that will have Fake 4K game resolution. Today one of the PS5 engineer confirmed that it is not the case and that PS5 4K gameplay is real.

Modern Warfare also saw a 66gb update on Xbox and some users are getting a 90gb update on the PS4. Infinity Ward has confirmed that thew new Modern Warfare update on Xbox has been problematic.

Lastly, Call of Duty 2020 reveal. The official teasers for COD 2020 are out and we know that the Black Ops 5 COD 2020 reveal trailer is soon and with the help of teasers we got, it seems like that COD 2020 trailer is coming out soon. #PS5 #Xbox #PlayStation5 #COD2020 #Gaming

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