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Queen CAL 2020 Introduction

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Introduction video for my upcoming 2020 Queen CAL!

The CAL consist of 6 parts and will take place between September 18th and October 23rd, 2020. I will be doing video tutorials for the CAL here on my channel as well, as we go along! For more info, please check out the Queen CAL on Ravelry:

The Queen CAL will be hosted in my Facebook Group, Tinna’s Crochet Club, where you will be able to get lots of support, inspiration and just general good fun! please join us there!

Queen CAL kits

There are several kits available for the Queen CAL and they all go on sale Monday August 17th!

The Folk Queen - Designed by Lucia’s Fig Tree
available here:

Icelandic Wool Queen kits - Designed by Christine Chochoy
available here:

MoYa yarn Queen kits - Designed by Magda de Lange
available here:

Stylecraft Special DK Queen kits - Designed by myself and Sue Collings
available with various retailers, such as the following:

Wool Warehouse

All Queen CAL pack sizes
International shipping

Love Crafts

All Queen CAL pack sizes
International shipping


All Queen CAL pack sizes
International shipping

For a full list of retailers, please visit the Queen CAL Ravelry page (link here above!)

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