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Ram Charan wife Upasana Kamineni Konidela Encourages Social welfare activities through her Twitter

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Upasana Kamineni Konidela Twitter profile link:
Mega Power Star Ram Charan wife, Chairperson of the Apollo Foundation and Apollo Life Groups Upasana Kamineni Konnidela has been influential in social service. She is busy in business affairs and devotes her time to social service and helps the poor by educating her followers through social media.
We should think not only about ourselves but also for the people in need. "It’s taken time & effort but totally worth it! Cleaning my wardrobe has brought me so much mental peace. I feel much lighter & cleaner. I’ve also become a more conscious shopper & value my belongings more.
Planning to sell my clothes to raise funds for a charity - any suggestions who to donate to ?" she said via social media Twitter platform. Upasana has revealed through social media that she will sell all used items and raise funds for the charity. If you also have old things, give them to the poor.

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