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RIP Red Dead Online Daily Challenges! Gold Reduction With RDR2 Online Update

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A new Red Dead Online Update is dropping on the 1st December, this information was revealed last week during the weekly update. Fans were split, some excited for the next RDR2 update other were saying what was revealed wasn't enough. One thing that fans weren't split on was the change that Rockstar announced today.

RIP Red Dead Online Daily Challenges! Gold Reduction With Red Dead Online Update

Rockstar games are changing up the Red Dead Online daily challenges with the next major Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update. This is a feature that has been in Red Dead 2 Online since the Spring update in 2019 but Rockstar Games have decided to change up this feature and not for the good. This feature was never broken, in fact RDR 2 Online fans have always enjoyed it, some only coming back every day only to do daily challenges. As things currently stand, you can build a daily streak up and you will get a multiplier for every 7 days you complete until you get to a 28 day streak, once you hit this, your multiplier is capped but you can carry your daily streak on for as long as you want. With the next RDO Update, Rockstar are making it so once you hit 28 days, you are reset back down to 0 days so you have to do it again. It sounds like a small change but this will take off RDR2 Online Gold bars off how much you can earn per month.

Whenever people asked "how to get gold in red dead online" I always responded with "Start a daily challenge streak", with the next Red Dead 2 Update, you can easily get gold without it being a RDR2 gold bar glitch. It seems Rockstar are really trying to push the sales of Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold bars

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