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Roblox PIGGY In Real Life - Chapter 9: City

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Watch Roblox Piggy in Real Life Chapter 9! We find ourselves trapped in the City and need to escape through the gate that is guarded by fire! The city is a very large map and this time there are TWO PIGGYS after us! Our new friend Zizzy guards the gate as we try to find all the items we need to make it out alive. We don’t know where Pony went. We can’t find him. Can you? As the night goes on, the sky gets dark. Will there be enough daylight left in The City to escape in time? And why is Piggy so fast? She really doesn’t want anyone to make it out! Can you find any hidden clues that will help us?

Chapter 1: House
Chapter 2: Station
Chapter 3: Gallery
Chapter 4: Forest
Chapter 5: School
Chapter 6: Hospital
Chapter 7: Metro
Chapter 8: Carnival


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