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ROOM TOUR 2020 ❗️❕❗️ (GIVEAWAY ALERT ????)

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Finally dapat buat ROOM TOUR ???? janji boleh buat sudah le hahahahha korang juga yang nak selama ni . Tapi kali ni i pinjam bilik dari Lexis Hibiscus HHAHHAHA

Thanks Lexis Hibiscus and Mamonde Malaysia for sponsoring me a room at Lexis hibiscus . I really enjoy my stay and definitely will come again !

5 winners who amswered the giveaway questions will be selected from the comment section to win one set of Deluxe Size Mamonde Ceramide Range

Pada yang merancang untuk Cuti-Cuti Malaysia , Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is one destination not to be missed
. suitable for families and offers superb dining and recreational activities options, in addition to it being a
perfect vacation.
Plus ! a multiple award-winning resort and is the only family-friendly oceanfront resort of its kind in Malaysia featuring overwater villas with its own private pool and steam room and is also a holder of two Guinness World Records: “The Most Swimming
Pools In A Resort” (643) and “The Most Overwater Villas In A Single Resort” (522).

Again ! For those who want to stay at Lexis Hibiscus and book your room via and guests who check-in at the Royal Suite, Imperial Suite or Presidential Suite at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson from 20 August 2020 onwards to receive a complimentary set of deluxe-size Mamonde Ceramide Range.

#MamondeMalaysia #InspiredbyFlowers #WondersofHibiscus
#lexishibiscuspd #MYLexis #NationalDaywithMamondexLexisHibiscus

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